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  1. Thanks for the advice Jaz, I see your point. I'm leaning towards the Redlines, but the Platinums are $50 cheaper as well. That along with me liking to multitask alot keeps me going back and forth...Damnit...I hate these choices...(okay I secretly love them but...) Actually my sig disappeared after I made an edit... Thanks for the heads up...
  2. Choices... I can't decide if I want to swap out my current 2Gigs of OCZ Platinum (In my sig) with 2Gigs of Mushkin Redline DDR500 to get off of the divider and maybe push a little further, or if I should get another set of OCZ's for 4Gigs and say goodbye to my 1T and overclock... Any opinions? This paired with a new 8800GTS 640 is meant to hold me over until I can Build a new Q6600 based PC (Probably around a year) -MalibuSS
  3. Your "trick" on the Mac guy with celeron could be looked at both ways...Did it run bad becuase it's "poorly written" software, thus pointing at Apple, or does it say that "Crappy PC's" can't handle the program...The Apple lovers at my work (Video producers) would say the latter. I've seen it used on several older G3 and G4 Macs smoothly... Be careful lol. You could be scoring a point for the other team...lol Anyways...I'm quite jeoulous right now about our work's new 8 core Xeon powered Mac Pro with 8g of ram used exclusively for video editing. Rummers are that it is supposed to run windows XP without a hitch, and better then PC's...What does that say? (Other then the fact that as far as I'm concerned it is a PC now lol) I'm being Devil's Advicate today... -Malibuss
  4. Could I see a link to this download? I'm assuming this is a new updated version, because it has always been a silent program before...Did you guys get this from the AMD site? Now that two of you have mentioned it I'm questioning my info...Hmmm I'm gonna go check the AMD site and update my knowledge lol **EDIT** I just checked the AMD site. this is the same version that's been out for a while. I'm not at home right now, so I can't read any readme's but...This is more or less a "Driver" for the CPU. No "gaming mode," No Taskbar icon... It's always running...You guys had me thinking that there was a new optimizer with a GUI. I'll read the readme later today when I get home. **EDIT**
  5. Where did you get the impression that you would see a Taskbar icon? "Gaming mode"? The Dual core optimizer is a silent program that runs in the background.
  6. I've been using sleep/standby with both XP And Vista32 for quite a while w/o any probs on the PC in my sig...What is it supposed to damage?
  7. That's what I did. I bent it a little. It seemed to help a little. As polished as the bottom of the HS is, I found mine to be very crowned. It's a shame since I could never lap it as good as that, but I did a full lap down to 1500 grit. This helped a ton. -MalibuSS
  8. I won't be by the time I get my taxes back...
  9. I'm wondering the same thing. Any more input on the topic?
  10. Gizmo89: You talk abou the fan shutting off on boot...do they spin-up in windows after a period of time? Have you run any torture testing to see if they spin up when the CPU gets hot? (Make sure and monitor your temps to make sure they don't get to hot if the fan doesn't come on) P.S. As Erico mentioned...you should really quit resetting the PC as Windows starts to load. Your asking for trouble. If you need to reboot then let windows load then shutdown properly. -MalibuSS
  11. First things first, Plug something else into the front port (like your mouse). If that works then :confused: Okay that was probably a waste of time...If the back works, and the front doesn't then the drivers won't be the problem. It's hardware related. I only see two possibilities: 1. It's wired wrong. 2. The front ports are duds. Good luck, -MalibuSS
  12. Or I suppose I could just look at your sig for the CPU voltage. According to core temp your a little hot. What are you using for a cooler? Your full load PWM IC is way too hot. (They can handle a lot of heat but your on the rail). What is your chipset/memory voltage? Remember that the PWM IC is what controls voltage regulation on the board. So if all of your components are pulling alot of power it will get hotter (as you've found out.) -MalibuSS
  13. First of all...Holy [email protected]#$%*. (translation: nice overclock). But your running a little hot for sure. What are your voltages?
  14. I'm using 1 & 3 just to be different and I kinda have the old mentality of PATA's still. Ya know put'em on a seperator "controller" for more performance. I don't think it works that way anymore but... Haven't had any problems yet. -MalibuSS
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