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  1. No issues, but I am just learning about Bios's ...so the newer isn't always better with better features? Thanks,tasr
  2. I have never OC'D before, and would like some advice. I am reading some posts with the same CPU as I and are getting very fast speeds...how can I do this? Thanks!!!
  3. I am currently running my stock bios(11/14/2005) Would it be beneficial to update to a newer version? If so, which one would be recommended? I am thinking about OC'ing my rig..but need to learn about it. Any help would be great! Thanks
  4. Greetings, I am looking for the newest version of Smart Guardian for my rig...anybody have any ideas? I have tried the website, but with no success. Thanks!!! I love the new updated DIY Street Site!!!
  5. I just read an article about floppy drives...in the article, it mentioned setting up your rig to boot from a thumb flash drive...Has anybody done this..is it possible with our boards? Thanks!! PS- The new interface rocks!! I have not been on in a while!
  6. So now as I look at my cd, I have two file folders...TMOd and EZBOOT...is this correct?
  7. Got it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks very much!!!!!! I really appreciate your help....looks like you have the same chip and board as I....have you O'clocked yet??
  8. ok, i hav it to this stage....I think I did the burn wrong....can you help me with that?
  9. is ezboot within the original file? maybe i used the wrong burning method...
  10. I used Nero 6 to burn it...I extracted the RAR to the iso stage...then burned the cd with the iso...did I do this wrong?? Thanks for your help
  11. OK...I have the original RAR and winrar...just burn the 43mb file to a cd?? I am a little confused...
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