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  1. lol I had the same once..just press the Refresh button
  2. Of course, I forgot, I canged from 3.5v (which according to bois voltages is 3.6v) to 3.4V and could run 250fsb 2-2-2-7 with less then 1 error / pass. Actually, in 14 hours it was maybe 800 passes and around 200 errors (test #5), anyway it was allmost only 0.2 errors / pass. So what is the next step? Should I increase the fsb to 255 or something so I'll get maybe ~3-8 errors / pass which is the best when your burning in <-- (what is it called in english?) the RAM? I can't really increase the DRAM voltage anymore, it will just give me a lot of errors becouse of the heat btw 260fsb on two BH5 sticks with the possibility to have up to 4v DRAM voltage isn't impossible, or is it? Give me a few tip please!
  3. But if you run the RAM on 200 mhz all the time, what gives the most performance: 250x10 or 280x9=2520 MHz. ?
  4. So, here is some pictures of my RAM cooling, it works pretty good.. Another problem, im burning my bh5's in memtest every night, as I said before, they do 240mhz 2-2-2-7 @ 3.1v memtest with no errors. But after that they seem to want so much more voltage! so I tonight I run 255mhz @ 3.5v (allways test #5) and got maybe 7.5 errors/pass, but when it came to 4096 errors it didnt go further, you had to look in "error summery" (I think it was called) to see how many more errors I got, and it was maybe 6 error/pass. I've done this for only 10h so I will continue much more.. But can I get errors if the RAM is hot to? dont think so becouse of the fan but you never know.. My goal for now is 260mhz stable with 2-2-2-7 with max 3.6-3.7V Any tip?
  5. I just did but nothing seems to happen Edit: Oh now it suddenly worked! I fixed the mem cooling with a 80mm fan and some steal wire, it doesen't look good but I think i works I give you pictures later, imageshack wont work atm.
  6. Hehe thank you :> maybe it doesen't suck but it should be better then it is Yepp I could certainly do need a "good luck" kick in my butt ^^ I've managed to move the jumper so now I can have VDD from 2.5v up to 4v Only one problem, they say you need some kind of active cooling on your RAM's if you go over 3.2V..and i have som fan's just laying around in my room but I dont know how to put them in my Chieftec chassi so that they will blow strait at my BH5's.. My chassi is standing so I can't just put it over the RAM's..and to glue the fan to the ram's doesen't really sound like a good idea to me ^^ So if you have any tip on have to cool my ram's, please write them in the thread! Thank you, /Daniel
  7. Okey I hear you.. Of course I want to get a higher fsb becouse my cpu wont go especilly high..so I put my faith into my BH5's yes I will lower my multiple when im serching for the max fsb for my RAM's. So you set for exemple 3.2v VDIMM and then move the jumper? and then I can use up to 4V? I dont anything about the LTD voltage, how high should that one be? So far my BH5 are stable @ 240mhz with 3.2V, but if I go a little higher, the errors starts to come..so with 243 i got around 3 errors/pass which is good when you are "burning" them So maybe with a little higher voltage the errors will be reduced, or what do you think? @ sswilson: Thank you for the link, so its true then..I saw it to.. Maybe I will look for another 3700 with better stepping.. Yes im hoping to get at least 250-260 fsb with maybe 3.4-3.5V, do you know how high you can go btw? the limit is aroung 3.5-3.6 right? of course with a fan on top of them.
  8. ****, I knew something wasen't right when i bought it from that guy so cheap! Seems like I have to push more it with more voltage then What would you say where the temp limit is? Is 50-53 C "okey" in maximum CPU load? Another question, if I want to use more then 3.2v DRAM voltage, how do I do? I know which jumper to move but manual says something about changing the cpu volt in bios first? Can you help me out with this one? and if I have moved the jumper, is 3.2v the lowest I can get or can I go down to 2.6v as usual? Seems like my bh5 is stable (memtest 7 h) in 240mhz 2-2-2-7 with just 3.1v so we'll see how high they want to go! looks good anyway
  9. Hey, my first new thread here as a swedish member My english kind'a sucks btw I don't really know why I'm keep getting this bad luck in overclocking.. Anyway, here comes my system: DFI Lanparty UT NF4 Ultra-D AMD 64 San Diego 3700+ (2.2 ghz) 1MB Cache TwinMos Speed Premium BH5 PC3200 512Mb x 2 Powercolor X1900GT (No OC so far) Hiper Type-R 530W (http://www.hipergroup.com/English/products/hpu-4m530.html) Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 320GB SATA-II (Windows disk) Maxtor 200GB IDE Creative Soundblaster Live! OC and Voltages Motherboard: Bios: Date Code 2006/04/06 NF4LD406.EXE http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=A&SITE=US (The one at the top) 241 Mhz FSB Chipset: 1.5v (I think, its @ orginal voltage anyway) LTD: 1.2v (same here, orginal voltage) NB: 42 C PWR: 36 C (I think) CPU: Vcore ~1.59-1.60V 241x11=2651 Mhz Temps: Idle 35-37 C, Load: 45-50 C HTT 3X Cooler: Zalman CNPS 7000B-CU At this speed its clearly unstable, can do PI 1M @ startup but if you try like 16M it fails and also Prime 95 (cpu test) fails after 9 minutes, windows however, works fine! RAM: Voltage: 2.9v Timings 2.5-3-3-6 Allmost everything on auto in bios and the RAM is underclockt (can you say like that?) to 176mhz insted of 200mhz. I'll show you some pics so you can see for yourself: I want to find the MAX mhz for my CPU and I don't want the RAM to stop me. And, in case you wonder, I have read the "DEFENITIVE A64 OVERCLOCKING GUIDE" I see all these members with San Diegos @ 2800 mhz with just 1.45Vcore or something and I keep asking myself, how do they do? So my problem is as you can see that my "sandy" dont want to go higher then around 2600 Mhz with 1.57 Vcore... I have no idea why, but maybe some DRAM setting is holding me back (I heard some guy telling about that) or maybe the stepping is just worthless! I bought it from another guy for only 600 swedish crones (80 USD).. Here is the stepping: How do I know if it's good or bad stepping for overclocking? Please help me to get this CPU to at least 2700 Mhz stable, even if it takes 1.65 V :/ Thank you, //Daniel
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