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  1. I use the Evercool VC-RF (the one non-recomanded), but I had to make the holles biger so it fits. The temps droped 10 degrades from the stock cooling. The fan has 3.700 rtm max with AS5
  2. Anyone else knows how can I rotate this cooler with 90 degrades ?
  3. I made a custom set using the AM2 instalatio kit. I also put an Evercool VR-RF(not the recomandede re because can't find it in my country). I used the cooper heatsink to put on my Al mosfets radiators. Drom in temp about 10 degrades from the Sharkoon CPU Red Shock and the stock DFI cooler !
  4. the adaptor in S thwey gived me(used to rotate 90 degrades the coooler) it does not have room to go in the middel od the heatpipes. Is there such a huge difference between Extreme version and old Ultra 120 ?!
  5. Hello ! I'v bought the new Ultra120 Extreme, all good until I wanted to mount it on my DFI Sli-DR Expert (skt939) when I run into some problems. I have bought it from their partener in Romania : www.pccoolers.ro , and thet provided me with this adaptor : http://www.thermalright.com/product_default.htm The thing is that I folowed all te pics, but I can't get that adaptor over the heapipes(it does not have enough room to rotate). What shoul I do ? Am I doing something wrong ? Is pointless to keep trying ?! Thank you.
  6. in witch slots thei are mounted ? Slot 1&2 or 3&4 (see CPUZ). I can not reach 250MHz with mine...
  7. How can I undervolt in Bios ? From Default to 0.8V ?! The sistem is perfectly [email protected] while I listen to music,surf the net, have DC++ opened, uploading with Bitcomet. The bad thing happened while downloading (not imediatly, after 1-2min of high speed download) Is it because i have a RAID 0 matrice ?! Previosly on opty144 OC @2,6 didn't have those problems(also software underclock). Tried loosen all the timings for hiting 250Mhz....No luck there ? Isn't here a thread/post specialy for timings with my memory model ?
  8. didn't answer all my questions ? Why did my PC restarts when underclocked and HDD usage with Bitcomet(SUPER PI, PRIME, Mem Test all PASSED) ? How can I reach 250Mhz with my actual Ram ?
  9. Hello ! I have the rig from my signature. Previosly I had an opti170 that didn't go beyond 2,5 Ghz and the new own (opt170) did a nice 200Mhz boost. I changed the RAM from Crucial 2x512 that did DDR500 2,5-3-3-5 at 2,7 V My problem comes from the memory : I have 270x10 set now and the memory runing at 229Mhz : 2,5-3-2-6 TRC : 8 clocks 2,7 V, thei are in Slot 1&2 (CPUz say that). I can not get pass that speed (I want 250Mhz)... I have tried loosen the timings 3-4-4-10 and voltage up to 2,9V bot no luck... Second problem : I like to underclock my CPU. Using crystalCPUID i set it at multi 4x and voltage 0,85 for lower temps while ideling. All works fine. I get autorestarts when i download ONLY with BitComet at speeds higher then 700k/s. This is the only inconvenient while Ideling CPU and I don't know how to pass over. DC++ works good, defragmentation no problem while subvolted. Any ideeas ? What is better 300x9 or 270x10 (Mem setting kept the same speed and spec)
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