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  1. voltage set to auto boots fine with 4 just not orange slots on own with 1 or 2 sticks
  2. i cant put mem in orange slots only if i have all 4 in or just in yellow its fine just cant use orange on there own just keeps rebootin tried many bios think it must be cpu was ok with a 3500
  3. wont boot past backing up cosmos screen if memory just in orange slots tried diff processor and all is ok so any ideas thx
  4. it wont let me put just two sticks in orange no boot just restarts after it says backing up cosmos ok in yellow slots though think maybe mem controller busted on cpu
  5. Yeah is set to 1t and have run memtest several timesjust so many bad errors need to get stable at stock before i can oc
  6. Hi all just moved over to dfi and amd after much umm and arr. having problems with stability even at stock think its memory related but cant be 100% sure so any help would be much appreciated.:confused: thanks in advance
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