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  1. ya, i'm familiar with the juggalo phenomenon. "bring big baby his monneeey...."
  2. OMG!this literally had me HOWLING with laughter and crying... from EDIT: fixed link. http//bash.org
  3. sounds like an IRQ allocation error. i'm sure someone can tell you how to fix it.
  4. am i seeing things, or did they actually get SO hot that it singed the PCB?
  5. top 12%.... wondr what it'll say w cross fire 1900's?
  6. or you cold be a lazy bastard like me and build a setup where you can lay in bed w bluetooth KB& mouse in front of a 46" HDTV.... ficed my back, but ruined my already poor sleep habits.....
  7. cool, thanks for the pix! i'm not skeert... i had to COMPLETELY disassemble my TV to get it into my room anyways.... for some god forsaken reason, my bedroom door is a CLOSET door, E.G 26" vs 31" wide. i may try this.... maybe i can W/C and over clock it while i'm at it.....
  8. seems to be worst on my bedroom pc, which stays on the longest (36-48 Hrs sometimes) so gets the hottest.... you may have something there.... do you know of videopictorial on wherehow to do this? i know how to solder fairly competently.
  9. i have some standard CCFL uv's, thermaltake, i think, and well, they're really not that impressive....are either of these any good? http://www.svc.com/ldkmtuv2.html http://www.svc.com/laledcauv.html
  10. Capt. morgans & Dr. pepper. Get stoned - hinder lol, followed by: i love the cocaine - buckcherry
  11. you drive right past my house then... i live off rose ave, the last st. before 441.
  12. I lived in eustis for about 2 weeks when i first moved here.... HELL!
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