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  1. I'm still having trouble with my main computer. While it's up and running it runs just fine but sometimes getting it up and running takes awhile. When I turn on the computer sometimes it starts just fine, other times it starts loading windows and after a few minutes the computer resets and tells me that Windows failed to start successfully (or something along those lines) and then I have to choose if I want to start normaly, last known good configuration, ect... I ussualy choose start normaly as that seems to be most succesfull. After I hit select it the cycle repeats, it may either work or it may either loop back to the same screen. This is either a problem with the motherboard or memory? I've done windows repair a few times and it didn't fix the problem. How do I run this "memtest" thing (I have no floppy)? How do I change to a new bios? Or are those not recommended solutions? Maybe I just need to get them replaced, which one? Or is it something else? Please help me out, multiple times I've tried fixing this but always give up eventually. I spent a lot on this compueter and realy just want it to work properly.
  2. hmmm.. OCZ I have their 600w psu and love it but have heard about compatibility issues with their ram... But I guess that's why I need to ask them, what are their names
  3. For intel only:mad: Anything compatible with that AM2 mobo?
  4. This is not for me, as my rig is up and running great - thank you DFI:) But now my friend is interested in a a new computer and the ram I bought went up $80 in 2 weeks, soo... Are any of these cheapo rams (with todays crazy prices) compatible with the motherboard, and do timings/speed make any differce in gaming? he won't be overclocking http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductList....gb+ddr2&Ntk=all
  5. Windows is working now. FIxed itself somehow... But there is still no sound If I were to try the new bios, would it need to be configured? (ask to enabele audio)
  6. I never got to enable the on-board sound card... How do I get back in the bios after xp is already installed, and will it have install xp again if changes are made
  7. I'm almost postive the failure is a result of me not having an audio cable which is weird assuming many told me I wouldn't need such a thing. There is also no sounds (besides the beeps of the motherboard speakers) so I'm even more certain of it. It can't be anything to do with the hard drive, can it? The thing reconized 300+ gb when installing windows xp.
  8. Help me out please, this is my first build ever - hopefully you guys can make it work out for me. If it does it won't be my last:cool: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...7302#post607302
  9. Only half an hour ago I booted up my new computer for the first time, it worked (fans and what not, yay) I was a few steps in an realised it might not be a good idea to have my new Razer mouse in as it may require drivers to work and I havn't even tested it out... So I saved the current bios confiuration and while it was loading/saving everything up I noticed something. "PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable" What exactly does this meen and how do I fix it? It it possibly related to not having an audio cables for my dvd drives? ____ _______ When the computer was turned on again it didn't give me any more bios options, and I'm pretty sure there were a few more. It said to stick something in the drive so I did - Windows... Windows is about 40% done as I write this... Is it a problem not everything was configured? Everything seems to be working so far anyhow. And is the on-board audio something that automaticaly plays or do I need to enable it some how?
  10. Is it a bad thing to have wires leaning on parts... For example: The wires for my fan are resting on the motherboard
  11. NEVER MIND _ CHECK OTHER TOPIC FOR UPDATE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I shall be testing out the new computer in about an hour... Any pre-advise>,< Certain beeps = certain messeges? What if nothing happens... ___ _____ Oh, and can anyone verify I don't need an audio cable with the dvd drives, some say yes some say no:confused:
  12. Ok thanks, and double checking on one more thing... I don't need any audio cables for my burner/dvd drive?
  13. Oh, out of curiousity why is that? And unfortunately I have a few more questions:mad: ___ There are a lot of 4 pin connecters with the psu, they all have no labels, so would it not matter which one goes to the burner, dvd drive, fan, led? There is one psu cable that says PCI-E 1 and I'm not sure if I need it and where to put it if needed. I belive it may not be neccessary because I have a 20+4 pin connector already plugged into the motherboard. Isn't that extra 4 pin for the graphics card or no. If not there is one black box in the upper-right corner of the video card. Next to the black box is a few metal pieces that stick up and go half way though this box at a 90 degree angle. It seems like this may be where this PCI-E 1 connecter goes but not sure... ___ My current computer is very bad compared to this so I'm sure I'll be happy with the stock results, but ya the time will come to overclock some day - and when it does I shall be back:p
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