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  1. Hey, Just flashed it but am having similar problems to the 816 and 823 bios in that i can only get it to boot after a cmos clear. I was told by some guy over at XS that a read delay of 7 and setting all strengths to 3 should solve that problem but as of yet it hasnt. Looking at the settings in the bios i am very impressed just frustrated that i cant get it to boot properly. EDIT: Have got it booting following raju's guide exactly. Time to have some fun! EDIT2: for anyone trying this bios follow rajus instructions found in this thread and set the mem divider to 400 irrespective of whether you plan to keep it at that setting. from there you can change some things around Thanks I)ickie
  2. 320. Damn Have you tried the 400 multiplier for ram? Some things that work for other people include. - turning off all onboard devices that you dont use - setting pcie frequency to 101 - locking the pci frequency to 33.3hz (it is set to auto by default) - bump up the ram and cpu voltage a bit With these settings i have got to 400fsb stable (havent yet tried higher) with 1 stick of ram. With two in dual channel i managed 390fsb. I)ickie
  3. Not at all man. If its stable for you then thats a good thing. Its just that for a lot of people it was unstable. I was just curious about when they were going to release one that was stable for the general public. Thanks I)ickie
  4. Hey guys, A lot of people have been experiencing problems with the 823 bios for the infinity 975x/g and it has been removed from the DFI site. I was just wondering if someone close to DFI has a rough estimate for when a nicely tweaked 823 bios is going to be released. Thanks I)ickie
  5. Well just got my board and man am i impressed. Not quite as impressed as i was with the lanparty NF4 but i still made an effortless 400Fsb using the current bios (731). Heard that this is gonna improve with the lates bios too so i am happy as pie.... Well a very happy pie... I do have a few sugestions though. Some downward multipliers of Non extreme editions would be nice (like asus have done) In built Mem test (ala DFI Lanparty NF4) Mem timings as seen in Oskar 816 bios Thanks for the awsome board DFI I)ickie