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  1. After doing the 24-hour CMOS clear as described - verbatim - it still has the same issue. Any tips/pointers?
  2. I have tried reseating the video card and RAM. After work today, I try reseating the CPU (after I finish the CMOS clear). As for verifying the hardware, I don't have anything at home to do that with but I might try bringing the system into work to check there. I'll post back when I know more. Thanks, --Eric
  3. I've already done that for the 30 second, 1-hour, and 23-hour intervals, but I just started it again and I'll let you know tomorrow around this time if it worked or not. Thanks again for the help. --Eric
  4. I can't. I cannot access the BIOS. The system's hanging before I can get to the point where I'm able - immediately after the system beep. --Eric
  5. I unplugged the USB device the first time I tried to reboot after I got this issue. I also unplugged the USB connectors from the case to the board. --Eric
  6. Yes, I held down the insert key until the system beeped once and then I let go and pressed delete, per the instructions. --Eric
  7. Hey, It is staying at 1 LED. The system beeps once right after the "LanParty nF4" splash logo shows up and then I cannot go any further. I cannot use delete to enter the BIOS, which is where I am now stuck at. --Eric
  8. Hey, I've been browsing around the forums looking for solutions to my problem (described below) and haven't solved it yet. Problem: When I boot, I the LED's indicate that I'm entering the BIOS, but the "lanParty nF4" splash logo stays on screen and I cannot do anything, which is why my signature doesn't have the BIOS date on it. I followed the guides for clearing of CMOS found here (did the 24-hour clear, but only left it for 23 hours because I'm impatiant ) and the problem still persists. I read in a couple threads that my memory may be corrupted, how likely is this? How it happened: I plugged my MP3 player (of all things) into the same USB port I always use and it came up as unrecognized hardware. Windows then went on to install it (unsuccessfully). I tried to reboot and that's when I got to my problem. Current state of affairs: I have had this system now for a little over a year and this is the first problem that's happened. The USB connectors are not connected to the board right now and I only have one 512MB stick of memory in DIMM2. Before reading on this site, I only had the 24-pin ATX connector and 4-in +12V P4 connector plugged-in to the board (now all four are). Any help would be much appreciated. If I'm missing any information, just let me know. Thanks in advance! --Eric
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