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  1. I have seen several people explain it that way but it is not how it works. Just changing VTT does absolutely nothing for the Vcore of this board. If it did my setting of 1.20+87.5mV would mean I am only getting 1.2875 V which is slightly lower than stock. Of course chances are this post will get ADHD'd away as well.
  2. There is no multiplier changing on this board, up or down(which *should* be there). Did you set the PCI clock to manual and 101? Do that. Personally for small overclocks I have not seen any change in using more VTT. I keep mine at 1.20. The divider settings are in the memory settings at the top of the Genie bios screens. My temps are similar. I am currently at 1.37V (+87.5mV) running 366x9 on the 667div, my idle temps are like 50-52C, my extreme load temps (orthos) are in the mid 60's. I've seen people trying to say they are getting much lower temps @ higher vcore's on AIR, but until I see screens, I've got BS on speed-dial, my ultra-90 is not THAT much worse than a 120 or similar size cooler. The northbridge gets hot as hell even when replacing the stock TIM with Artic Silver 5. Mine get up to 64C on extreme load. I plan to buy the HR-05 (think thats the product code) chipset cooler in the near future. Raju's guide helped me quite a bit to get this clock stable. Unfortunately it still won't cold boot with any sort of overclock.
  3. I've never flashed to 830, I have only gone as far as 7/31 and I am having those cold boot issues. I have used basically all your settings except disabling PPM function. Maybe that will make a difference. I can't even always get 320FSB to cold boot let alone anything faster. What is PPM Function anyways? The manual skips over it like it wasn't even there (in fact I don't see it in the included screenshot of the genie bios settings in the manual) and unless I am missing it, google was worthless for any info. One person mentioned going back to 0615. Based on the dfi site the only major change between 615 and 731 that should affect us is "Fixed Core 2 CPU show fsb error in POST." I know what FSB I should have when I OC so I don't care if it says 66Mhz as long as it isn't really that low Also I think maybe that 40deg stock as a threshold for OCing might be a little low. I have a perfect mount with my Ultra-90 and AS5 (I redid it and took some serious time) and my stock temps with C1E disabled are around 39-41deg (in coretemp). Speaking of C1E you didn't mention disabling that or the other two things you mentioned disabling in another thread (virtualization and execute disable bit). You have been working your butt off to figure all this stuff out for us and I thank you Raju!
  4. I don't have a floppy drive and didn't feel like wasting a CD so I just installed windows on the shipped BIOS and winflashed up to 7/31 afterwards. I am running fine except a cold boot issue, so I would think you could do the same thing. Be careful with 8/23 as it seems based on here and a couple other forums it has only had about a 40% success rate.
  5. You could try loosening you timings, I did on mine. I can get 365x9 on stock voltages on 4:3div. And I got 360x9 on +100mV with 4:5div. Unfortunately neither will survive a cold boot, but both are spi and my work program (tougher than prime) stable off of warm boots. But that is a whole 'nother issue completely, I may have to make a post about that after I test it out some more.
  6. I was wondering about that connection as well I couldn't figure out what the reason for it was but I just assumed that it was in case you were running 2 gfx cards. Anybody notice a difference with or without? (maybe in terms of voltage stability or anything)
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