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  1. Isn't 1T a tighter timing so even less likely to work?
  2. As far as I know they only made a 1900 3600, the 2000 was the 3800. In either case mine is a 9.5 1900 X2 (Brisbane). What's LDT? That's not a setting I see in the Infinity's BIOS. My Northbridge ratio is set to 3x and it's voltage is the stock 1.2V. The chipset voltage is the stock 1.5.
  3. FSB - 300 DDR 533 (calcs to 711) CPU - 1.45V VDIMM - 2.2V Chipset - 1.5 Memory timings 2T 5-5-5-15 Now to go from 290 to 300, I had to bump my vdimm up to 2.2. I first tried upping the CPU voltage but that made no difference. Then I upped my memory voltage and I got it stable. When I go to 305, I can boot but can't stay up for long. My CPU runs uber cool - maxes at 46-47 degrees under full Orthos. I would have thought that if I set the DDR to 400, then at 305 it would be well below the stock rating of 800 (and work just fine), but that made no difference.
  4. If the motherboard is bad, you can only be sure by swapping in a different one. However before you do that, turn off all power, pull power supply plug, take video card out, take memory out, pull the battery and clear CMOS via the jumper (first try 1 minute; if that fails try 7-8 hours). Don't plug anything back in except the power and the battery, and boot up to see if you get the beeps from the motherboard not having memory or a video card. If nothing, RMA your board.
  5. I know, this is why I'm confused because at a lower frequency, I had to up the voltage on the ram to get it stable. I didn't have to up the voltage on the CPU at all. Which Genie setting is the Mem divider that you are referring to? Maybe I'm working with the wrong one. The one I'm referring to is the "DRAM Speed" setting which is right under the "CPU Clock Setting" on the first Genie bios screen. It auto calculates the "Current DRAM Speed" based on what you set the "DRAM Speed" to, so I set it to a value that will end up calculating the "Current DRAM Speed" to a number less than 800. Are you referring to a different Bios setting for your 1:2 setting?
  6. I ask this because on an Infinity UltraII I have, my memory is limiting my overclocking even when I change the multiplier so it's running below 800. My ram is OCZ Platinum DDR2 800 and when I overclock my X23600, I know the cpu can go further (as it is running plenty cool) but my memory is holding me back. The reason why I think it's the memory, is to get to the level I'm at, I had to up the voltage on the memory otherwise it would fail orthos. Yet I will have the calculated memory frequency running below 800. I'm running loose timings (5-5-5-16). Regardless of what I set the FSB frequency, if I set the ram to DDR 530 or whatever so that it calcs to below 800, shouldn't the memory function fine?
  7. I'll second this (although I only have one Ultra-II). Super solid (not one problem ever) and easy overclocking on my X2.
  8. Mine also pushes against the cap but not enough to concern me. If I ever pop it off again, I will simply cut some of the clip off with wire cutters; no big deal. I had to do this (cut the tip of the clip off) on the mounting bracket arm for my AC Freezer which was pushing against the ram in slot one enough to cause it to bend in the socket. A little trimming and now no worries. Note, my Evercool dropped my chipset temps from 56 to 46. I'll take that.
  9. What MC said. Take everything out but the bare minimum (just the viceo card, 1 hardrive, 1 stick of ram) and see if it runs. If it doesn't, and you happen to have another PC around that does run, put the bare minimum (above) in the other PC (after gutting it) and seeing if it does the same thing. If that doesn't work, you know it's not the case/power supply. Then just swap the remaining minimum pieces out, 1 by 1, (the video card and hard drive and memory), until the only thing left is the motherboard. Ideally you'd like to swap the CPU as well, but you might not have one of those laying around. Either it will eventually work by eliminating that 1 faulty piece, or it will never work, meaning the MB is bad.
  10. I replaced the stock x2 3800+ HSF with an Arctic Cooler 64. It now idles around 24C and maxes at 45C. Much better than the prior 29C and 57C respectively. I also replaced the chipset cooler with the Evercool you guys recommended and now my chipset runs at 46-47C. Prior it ran at 57-59C (but after I installed the Arctic Cooler on the CPU, it went down to 56C and ran there at all times). I used AS5, as I wasn't sure if the Evercool paste it came with was better so I just went with old faithful. All of the above is on my 3800 x2 OC'd to 2.6. Btw, I replaced the chipset cooler after reading the online tutorial which I thought was great. Afterwards I watched the video, and a couple of your others, and they are even better - very nicely done. That is some excellent work. Oh and I'd love to hear hangry's comparison thoughts between the Infinity AM2 and the LanParty AM2
  11. After triple checking the forum rules my initial response would have been - the rules only go up to #5, but that smelled like a trap. Not wanting you to apply the board of education to my seat of learning yet again I eventually found rule 10. *Technically* I did follow it, but I see now how that would be frowned upon here (sorry). I'm sure this is superfluous but if there's any other ball droppage on my part, let me know. Sometimes I'm not the sharpest pencil in the can.
  12. Sorry. I did read them but too quickly; I see now. Go ahead and delete my post.
  13. Let me add to Fredrick's chipset comment: I run Win2k and it wouldn't recognize the full size of my 160G SATA drives. I wanted to build this PC up floppyless, but there's no way to load the Chipset drivers with Win2k so once I got a floppy drive, everything was fine after that. It booted fine with my DDR2 800 memory and the stock bios, no problems. So far this board has been killer.
  14. I just built up an X2 with the UltraII board and overclocked it to 2.6G with the stock heatsink/fan (albeit with Arctic Silver). - HTT is at 5 - vcore is at 1.475 - ram is at 2.1V (stock) - CPU idles at 29-31C, but shoots up to 55-57 when running Orthos, or when ripping a CD via Itunes - Chipset idles between 57-59C, highest it's gone is 60C I don't play games on it and so don't desire to run all the 3D benchmarks, etc... to get into the OC database. I've had no stability issues to date. I'm curious - is the chipset ok running this hot all the time? Also, how high can I safely volt the OCZ platinum memory? They mention that they allow 2.2V but is it safe to go higher? Just as an aside, this is an upgrade from my K6-III 450 that I've been using for years. So needless to say, I'm pretty happy with the DFI board/system.