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  1. Well i cant do the mem test as i have no friends that are into computers..Im actually a car guy that just got into comps too so all my friends a car nuts for now..
  2. wow thats a great price! I paid that for the xms 1 gig!
  3. so what mem would you recomend?I would like to get 2 gig this time...
  4. Thanks for the reply..so you think its the mem?here is the mem i have http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820145040 I was alsoi thinking it was the mem or psu..I just need some expert advise since im still learning about computers..Is 1 gig enough mem?
  5. I need a little help guys as im new to the bios thing..during boot up after the Verifiying DMI pool data it say under it... K8 NPT data change...Update new data to DMI!...what does this mean what do i need to do?
  6. Guys im haveing trouble with this card..this is the second card that shows lines during boot up and through games somtimes..during boot the lines are redish an clear or white and in the games they are clear and seem to freaze that part of the game..The lines dont stay they seem to flicker for a sec..Im not sure what it could be as i have updated to the latest drivers.. does anyone know what the problem could be?
  7. Hi guys Im new to the forms and also a noob to comps..well I am building a comp and wanted to know about my cpu steppings..I have the Windsor model with the.. LDB4F 0622WPAW..Is this a good CPU for over clocking..I could only get this cpu to 2.2 but im not sure if it was because my RMAed motherboard..so anyways thanks for you help.
  8. Hi guys..Im new to the forms and have some questions...Im about to buy this MOB and wanted to know if i will have any problems with my new setup?Also should i buy a good chipset cooler for this MOB?
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