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  1. Before I clicked on the thread and just read the title, this thought ran through my head:


    "The world is too stupid-proof and it simply lets idiots survive when they normally wouldn't."


    Ever seen the movie Idiocracy? That's already happening. Look at society 100 years ago. 5th graders were reading at a college level. Intelligence was respected and was a goal. Now we just have a bunch of trailer trash popping out millions of babies every year that almost all of them are going to grow up and become just like their parents, except even more stupid.


    The "standard of intelligence" has declined so much it's not even funny. I'm about to graduate with an engineering degree and there are people in my classes who I don't know how they made it to be seniors - let alone get themselves dressed and tie their shoes in the morning. Contradictorily, the world (at least from my perspective of the US) caters to the "less-intelligent". When I say less intelligent, I don't mean someone who didn't go to college or even high school, these folks can still be intelligent. You're born with it. By less intelligent, I mean the idiots. The people that just don't understand, well, anything. The kind of people who try for hours to put the square peg in the round hole.


    These are the idiots that are electing our presidents, too, and believe anything and everything and can barely read just enough to push the button on the machine next to the name they managed to remember.


    People who drink and drive and get themselves killed, though a tragic way to die, also kill other innocent people on the road. If you don't have the responsibility to refrain from driving while drinking, you are risking your life. If you get killed, then it was because of your stupidity. If you overdose on drugs and die? Your stupidity. If you get electrocuted in the bathtub while using the hair dryer and get killed? You guessed it, your stupidity.

  2. I think Stonerboy is thinking of an actual breadboard:




    I'm sure the guide should be simple for doing what you're thinking. Pretty much teaching trial and error with a taste of common sense, lol :P

  3. I plan on staying with Windows 7 until 8 is surpassed. Let's recap:


    Windows 3.1 - awesome.

    Windows 95 - OMG TERRIBLE

    Windows 98 - Way to go, I like it.

    Windows ME - WTF MICROSOFT

    Windows XP - Slick, this is nice

    Windows Vista - LOL

    Windows 7 - Kickass

    Windows 8 - ?????

    Windows 9 - Profit.

  4. This is typical of most newly-released series. The price on the new series (i.e. the 7000 series now) will remain high until the previous series (6000 series) has been depleted for the most part.


    The 7800 series appear to be on the way soon, but I agree with you. Kind of silly to have the 7900 and the 7700 out months before a 7800 shows up.


    I feel that with Kepler's launch, 7000 card prices will come down.

  5. I'm looking to sell a Sapphire HD 6970 2GB, BF3 Edition. Though it did come with a key to BF3, it's been used. Can't blame me, eh? It's a ballin' game.








    Anyways, I've had it CF'd with another HD 6970 but I don't really need that power. Plus the money would be good right now too.


    It retailed for $399 when it launched back in October. Take away the cost of BF3, equiv. to $340 new. Take away the fact that it's not new, you can have it for $280 shipped - negotiable but rather firm. I still have the retail box and I can round up all of its accessories. Being the FleX edition, it can power 5 monitors (maybe more I think).


    International friends, my apologies but I generally don't like to ship more than $150 worth of goods in a package internationally.

  6. which case is the last one? the black and white one...



    Yep, it says it as 2:16.


    As far as how big of a rad that the case can fit - at the NZXT at CES in Vegas booth they had one of these on display using a 76mm (~3") radiator, but we were told that some "modifications" had to be made to the 5.25" area or something along those lines. Probably holes cut somewhere to make an easy passage for the hoses coming out. We weren't really allowed to see the inside of it yet since the case was still under NDA!

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