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  1. @Staff - is there a reason why only one resolution was tested? Just curious is all


    In the past, we used to test on 16:10 monitors that would do 2650x1600. We would benchmark 1680x1050, 1920x1200, and 2560x1600.


    It was decided that more people were going with triple-monitor setups as opposed to spending more than a thousand dollars on a single 30" 2560x1600 monitor, so we stopped testing at that high of a resolution and moved to triple monitors @ 5760x1080.


    Most recently, we came to the conclusion that no one is going to run a $500 video card on a 20" monitor, so 1920x1080 and 5760x1080 it is!

  2. *EDIT* 570 and 580 have different numbers of processor units, so if you already know the 580 has more and will beat the 570 no matter what, why bother showing a graph comparing the two?


    Are you referring to the results from the review and why there is both a GTX 570 and GTX 580 in them?

  3. I'd like to know 1 thing why in this review the GTX680 completely overwhelms the HD7970 and in all the other reviews I see on the internet (I've compared like 3-4 of them yet) the HD7970 comes out way over GTX680?

    Thank you


    I'd like to see these reviews where the HD7970 "comes way out over the GTX 680"!!


    We did notice that with the 12.3 Catalyst drivers, the performance from the AMD cards went down and I think this is the major contributor. Most other reviews seem to be using Catalyst 12.1 or 12.2, some even the beta 8.95.5. Keep in mind that some sites also may not use similar setups to our own. We ran the tests with our 2600k's at 4.4ghz and memory at 1866MHz. I noticed a very large gain going from 1600MHz memory to 1866MHz memory. Additionally, make sure you're comparing the same resolutions as well. A lot of sites still run high single-monitor resolutions like 2650x1600, where AMD is going to catch up or pull ahead.


    With the exceptions of only a few articles I've read, the GTX 680 performance is on average 10% or better in 1920 resolutions.

  4. I have been an automotive technician for nearly 8 years.... I still do not like engine repair and would rather ship it out to have it built by people that work on Just that for a living and someone that would be able to stretch the limits of little engine.


    Building an engine/putting it together is the fun part. It's the hoisting, lifting, banging, cursing and crying while getting it back into the chassis that sucks.


    Stretch the limits of a little engine, you say? :D There are 1000+ whp 2 liters out there ya know ;)

  5. Exact same thing. A means to an end but on a larger scale.


    That's like saying that building a monster muscle car from the ground up and buying a brand new Corvette off the lot are both "hot-rodding".


    Or, more relevant, buying a Dell off of the shelf is the same as building your own. Sure, it's still "computing", but do they have the same performance? Is the latter your own? Nuhuh.

  6. I've never heard of what he speaks of called breadboarding, but he kind of defines it in the OP:


    Breadboarding: The homebuilder's method of testing computer components to determine which components are faulty.


    I took it as narrowing down and swapping out components to find out which part is bad. Which is why I mentioned it's just common sense paired with trial and error, lol.


    If that's not what he means, then uhh...no idea. :blink:

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