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  1. The House passed CISPA, but the President can still veto it.


    I doubt he would if this is true:


    The White House prefers a Senate bill that many believe is not much better, which would put the Department of Homeland Security in charge of cybersecurity, rather than the private spying encouraged by CISPA.

  2. Keep in mind you can't run 13" rotors on that car without swapping out your calipers and brackets as well. Maybe you can source the Mach1 or Cobra brake hardware for a good deal as a much cheaper upgrade over stock - they both run bigger brake setups then the GT...aftermarket brake kits are terribly expensive for little benefit unless you autocross the car. I'm talking 3 grand or more for front and back. Silly to spend half a cars value on brakes that you wont get any benefit of 98% of the time. I also wouldn't dump too much money into the lil 4.6 unless you want to boost it...its a great little daily driver powerplant but not too hot of an engine for N/A performance.


    I was thinking that 13" rotors seemed too large to "drop in".


    And yes...boost it! Nom nom nom boost

  3. Would like to sell together but will part if necessary. I'd like to get $200 for the combo but will work on OBO. Shipping negotiable. Would like to sell quickly! Processor does 3.6ghz easy. Great board too.

  4. Very nice review airman!

    Pretty slick and sexy little cooling system. I was curious do you know if you added a GPU Water-block Heatsink to that system if it would be powerful enough and possibly keep the system cool enough with it?

    I know in your review you made it sound like the pump had more than enough power for the CPU.


    I truly doubt it - at least with a CPU in the loop. Keep in mind it's only a single 120mm rad ;)

  5. It depends on the pricing for shipping. I'll cover half up to $30 but the rest would be on you.


    Yes, it comes with all of the original stuff. The included screws are probably scattered about my big jar-o-screws, but I would make sure it has everything to cover what would have been with it originally.

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