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  1. 3x680 is another option to consider, that will allow for better spacing than 4x680 and you will not lose that much performance, as scaling dropps off at 4x sli


    Absolutely this


    The increase in performance between 3-way 680s and 4-way 680s can be a joke in a lot of games, unless you're running three 2560x1600 monitors lol.

  2. I think he means the wheel as a whole pokes out, ie its fitment.


    That black cobra about had me humping my desk, lol. I like the gray one after that but I'm not a fan of the wheels. The vert - meh, I don't like the wheels either and it's way too low especially for a stang. I wouldn't want to drive something with that little ground clearance. You'd run over a squirrel and but that front lip lol not to mention scraping on everything! Out west where it's really flat would probably be alright though.

  3. I love the FCs. Great platform!


    Oh dear god 1:59 my eyes are bleeding. That's absurdly useless and disgustingly ugly and just...just...agh. Breathe.






    I've always enjoyed getting sideways and doing donuts and stuff, but the drift crowd around here are not my type. It's all, "JDM tYtE y0 it's got VTAK and woah i liek that hellaflush and that camber its hot and wee turbo and blow off valve VROOM PSH its tyte yo". The only reason I would go there now would be to roast some tires in front of the SR fanboys who don't give the KA any credit ;)


    I hope to find a good crowd/venue to drift one day. If I do I'll probably keep my S13 and turn it into a drift slut and make videos like these:


    ^Not one ounce of a damn was given on that day.

  4. I've been getting them for big name brand stuff like Lysol, Microsoft Bing i think, etc. All take you to their legit homepage. A right click on the ad in effort to find the host does me no good because it's just flash lol - maybe there is a way in firefox/other browser to track down individual elements on a page

  5. It may be a US-only deal. Everyone who says they've seen it is in the US so far.


    I doubt it's trojan-induced. Fresh install here, and a clean/newish computer at work. At work yesterday I had something happening in the background but I had about 10 tabs open and I can't say if it was OCC or not. I'm going to try to get it to show up again today and catch it.

  6. Perhaps my posts following the OP were not clear enough.


    I am pointing out this issue to see if someone can chime in and say, "Yes, we don't want those kind of ads here. I'll take care of it."


    People new to the site and make it to the home page may be irritated by these ads and turn away from OCC. Hence I'm pretty sure that's why we don't like them in the first place. The issue it that I don't want to block them on my local machine(s). I like having ABP turned off on OCC because I like to make sure we aren't getting anything we don't want and it's the basis of the site's income.

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