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  1. I need some ideas...i have an athlon xp 2500 that i bought, and while installing the heatsink, i chipped one of the edges of the cpu die...and therefore raising my idle temperature to about 60 oC.


    i need a good idea for a cheap...possible water cooling that will get my temp down about 10 to 15oC.


    please...i don't like hurting my processor, so i need results!!!

  2. just so you know, i have the same problem, because when installing the heatsink i accidentally chipped one of the corners of the cpu die. so, not all of the cpu die is touching the heatsink, causing the cpu temp to rise to about 53 idle for me. and that's the best i can do with a thermaltake heatsink (not sure which one)

  3. I have a ti4200 agp 8x 128 meg card, in a Gigabyte GA-7VT600 mobo. when i benchmarked it...i had a terrible score, and i noticed in the ORB (online result browser) that the current agp rate was 2x, and the available agp rates are 4x and 8x. any ideas?


    btw, i've checked in my bios...nothin there.

    i've also looked for any jumpers that may be actin ghey.



    EDIT: With 3dmark03, i had a ~1450


    I have:

    Gigabyte GA-7VT600 Motherboard

    AMD Athlon XP 2500+ "Barton"

    512meg PC2700 DDR Ram

    ti4200 agp 8x 128 meg

  4. i've penciled in the L1 bridge on my 1100MHz athlon tbird...and i don't see anywhere where i can screw around with the fsb multiplier. all i see is the clock speed...which defaults to 100MHz, but i moved it up to 110MHz...and i won't go any higher overall than 1212MHz, or the system won't post.


    but...i'm not worrying about that anymore, cause i'm gettin the 2500 on thursday or friday!!!


    soo...i will only be able to o/c it to 2.2 GHz?

    i was expecting to be about 2.4 or even 2.5!

  5. i'm getting an athlon 2500...and i need to know how to start overclocking it


    i guess i'm gonna have to connect the L1 bridges...and i don't know what to do after that!


    someone just give me suggestions...


    my specs



    Mobo: Jetway V333Pro

    Ram: 2x 256meg DDR ram

    PNY GeForce4 Ti4200 128meg 8x AGP


    i guess that's all you need to know...just leave some suggestions please, as they will be greatly appreciated.

  6. hey all, i'm new to the forums here...duh. and i'm sure that at least one you could answer one of my questions.


    -I have a tbird 1100 that i've overclocked to about 1212 MHz...not much as you can tell. i've done it through the bios, and everything's dandy. but...that's as high as i can go. i have the FSB set to 114 MHz...any higher and the system hangs...so i have to reset bios.


    help plz?





    i almost forgot...i have a Jetway v333u pro mobo...pll is the ICS 94228 if that helps any

    i'm new to overclocking...don't really know where to start. :unsure:

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