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  1. i may be selling this card to get an ATI 9600pro, just to get a little extra money.


    starting price is 70 bucks (USD). i don't know really how much to sell it for, because i've only had this card for about 3 months now, and retail price is like $(140 USD)


    just give me some legit prices, and maybe i'll sell it to you :)

  2. well? anyone else got some other ideas?


    i've got a 60mm Evercool fan on the GPU


    i see people's core clock is FASTER than the memory clock; at stock speeds it is 250/513, and there's a big difference between those 2 numbers


    i have riva tuner, and if i try to put my core over 290, the video card goes out, and i have to restart.


    if i put the memory clock speed over 580, the screen looks all....funky.

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