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  1. look under your prefs


    it's there.



    btw, why are you posting that in THIS thread?






      ROUND, 24-Inch, True ATA133/100/66/33, ( BLACK ) IDE Cable. 3-Head. 24 Inches. For IDE Hard Drives, CD ROM, DVD ROM or CDRW.

    With PULL TABs - to be used for disconnecting the cable from devices WITHOUT pulling the wires.

    Retail. Please see the images. more info>

    N82E16812104302  $3.70


    $7.40  (2)


    Fans, Heatsinks (Case, CPU, Chipset) 

        Thermaltake Silent Boost Highest Performance Cooler,Application for AMD AthlonXP up to 3400+.


    Compatibility: AthlonXP up to 3400+

    Dimensions: 82x80x74mm

    Bearing Type:Ball Bearing

    Nominal Speed(RPM): 2450

    Max Air Flow:(CFM): 27.5

    Max Pressure: 25.97 Pa-min

    Heat Sink Material: Copper

    Rated Voltage: 12 VDC

    Noise(dBA): 21

    A1889-1. Retail. more info>

    N82E16835106037  $26.99



        Vantec "IceBerq 4"Copper All-In-One VGA Cooling Kit with Blue LED Lights,Model:CCB-A4C,Retail.


    Compatibility: VGA Chipset

    Dimensions: 40x40x10(mm)

    Bearing Type: Ball Bearing

    Nominal Speed(RPM): 6000

    Max Air Flow:(CFM): 5.9

    Max Pressure: Unknown

    Heat Sink Material: Copper

    Rated Voltage: 12V DC

    Connector: 3 Pin & 4 Pin

    Noise(dBA): Unknown more info>

    N82E16835110106  $12.99



        SAPPHIRE RADEON 9800SE, 128MB DDR, 128-bit, Dual VGA/TV-Out, 8X AGP, OEM


    Chipset/Core Speed: RADEON 9800SE/325MHz

    Memory/Effective Speed: 128MB DDR/500MHz

    BUS: AGP 1X/2X/4X/8X

    Ports: DUAL VGA Out(15 Pin D-Sub)+TV-Out(S-Video Out+Composite Out)

    Support 3D API: DirectX

  2. i've looked at thermaltake silent boosts...but i don't see anything GOOD in them. they've only push about 28 cfm...about 2750 rpm, but have only 21dBa. what else could i get that's not incredibly loud...nothing like a thermaltake volcano (48dBa). the one i have is about...38 dba...nothing louder than that because my machine is in the family room...and it drives my parents nuts. so suggestions please?

  3. How well does this perform against the radeon 9600 256meg np?


    i'm getting this card. i may want to softmod it...but i don't know how to soft mod...someone tell me how. (if it's even possible for this card)


    also, i may not do it...i've seen threads on softmodding, and there's like a 60% chance it will work. soooo. need some advice.

  4. how about i get that card, and then get a zalman heatpipe? which is better, the vantec iceberq, or the heatpipey thingie?


    also, one last thing. how does the radeon 9600 pro 128 meg compare to a radeon 9600 nonpro 256 meg?

  5. ok. last call. if anyone doesn't think that i should get a PowerColor R96-D3G ATI R9600Pro 256MB DDR 8X AGP Video Card ( https://www.accupc.com/itemDetail.jsp?pid=VPCAR96256P ), then please tell me otherwise. what i plan on doing, is 'flashing' the video card, like mist said to about a 9600 pro, and then i'm also getting a zalman heatpipe to go along with that, to overclock a bit (bit, hah).


    btw, how much possible improvement can i get out of the radeon 9600 np with a zalman heatpipe?

  6. i'm looking at benchmarks, and compared to my video card, the radeon 9600 is pretty close. for 3dmark 2001se, i have about an 11000, and the radeon 9600 has an 11900. it it really that worth that much more points?


    edit: in 3dmark 03, it has about a 3000. with my card i have a 1400. is that right?


    i'm running dx9.0b (latest version i think)




    in that article, is the 9700 the 256 meg version or the 128 meg version? if so, i may pitch in a bit. :)



    EDIT: i just made an 8400...i checked everything, ram, display modes, vsync...i don't know what's wrong.

  7. how well does the radeon 9500 nonpro 128 meg compare to the radeon 9600 non pro 256 meg? i know that the 9500 has 8pixel rendering pipelines, as compared to the 4pixel rendering pipeline in the 9600's and above...

  8. Hey all, i need some ideas for a something i can get for christmas. my parents granted me 200 bucks for christmas, and i just can't think of what i want.


    suggestions please? video card better than my pny gf4 ti 4600 128meg 8x agp?

    more ram?

  9. well, the mx series weren't built for performance, as you can probably tell. the FX series was made to replace these bad cards, and as you can see, they didn't do the best job at it


    now, as i have said many many times, before you go with a 9600, a good card to consider is the radeon 9500. ati discontinued this a while back, as they realized this one mistake: they put in an 8 pixel rendering pipeline, which is twice as more as the 4 pixel rendering pipelines in all of the other radeon cards.


    i haven't seen benchmarks for the 9500 against a 9600, but i'm guessing it will surpass it.


    fortunately, you can still buy these cards, just not from ATI. you can get them from newegg, pricewatch, etc.


    they actually run a little more costly than the 9600 pro....lemme look

  10. for like the 5th time, go with an slk900U(900A) and a 92 mm vantec tornado. just......if you don't care about the noise....DON'T CARE ABOUT THE NOISE! these fans typically can push around 120 cfm, and run about as loud as a vacuum cleaner. from what i've heard, if you put the fan faced down and plug it in, it will HOVER! that's how much air it pushes heh

  11. Nothing is locked on AMD's bud, unless your useing an old board that doesnt use nforce2 or kt400 chipsets


    i've got the kt600 chipset...i don't see anywhere where i can tweak my fsb multiplier. also...what are those "Unlocking" kits for?


    btw, sorry for this unneeded thread, as you can tell i know nothing about p4 overclockage.

  12. kk, been a while since i've posted here....


    i've got a friend, and he's got this new P4 system, really nice. it's proc. is 1.8 ghZ stock, and he "claims" he's got it overclocked to 2.9 ghZ. at first, i was kinda like...mebbe. but then he told me it was STOCK COOLING!



    i almost slapped him in the face for saying something soooo stupid. but then again i don't really know about p4 overclocking....is it even possible? i saw somewhere it was completely locked, like the fsb multiplier is locked on an AMD.


    someone prove him wrong so i can show him this thread ;)


    btw, remember...



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