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  1. I downloaded CPUFSB version 2.2.13, but i don't see my motherboard in there. so i just looked at the PLL, and it's an ICS





    those are the numbers on the PLL itself.


    also, is there a newer version of CPUFSB that may have this pll? or is this pll just not...writeable?

  2. hey, is 60c idle and 65c load bad for my AMD? haha :P


    btw, the reason my temps are soo high........


    Once upon a time, there was a guy. Who got his paycheck and bought an athlon 2500+. He was soooo excited. He didn't want to overclock it on stock cooling, so he went out and bought a Zalman CNPS5100-Cu. Man...he was gonna overclock this ###### to hell! But, unfortunately, he didn't read the directions on how to put it on. So, in the process, he chipped up the CPU die, but didn't know it! So when he booted, he saw his temp was 58c ON BOOT! So, he checked to make sure that the heatsink was on the right way, so he took it off and put it back on, and in the process, he chipped the die even more.

    And to this day, he lives alone, in a dark cave, with only his red-hot athlon 2500+. And he kind of lived happily...ever...after.

  3. i'm running a geforce 4 now, but i'm getting a sapphire radeon 9800 se for crimmus!



    also, in 3dmark2001, i can get roughly around 11000. the radeon 9700 pro gets about a 12000.


    in codecreatures, i got around a 3300, and the radeon 9700 pro only got a 3100. this is both w/o Antialiasing or anisotropic filtering...is this correct? i don't have any overclockage.


    overclocked i hit about a 3800.



    also, i don't see anything on here about the 9800 SE. only about the 9500 flashing to 9700. http://www.ocfaq.com/softmod/


    why doesn't someone just tell me how to do this?!


    again, i'm here. http://www.ocfaq.com/softmod/download.php


    no guides.


    ALSO! ( i promise the last time)



    something says to use the 6.22 boot disk...there are 3 of them.


    http://rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?threadid=33695811 is the guide i found.


    explain pls?

  4. i'mm looking on something here saying you can open the other 4 pipelines with riva tuner? i have riva tuner and i don't see that feature anywhere. but it may be because i'm on a geforce4...












    are the links i'm looking at.

  5. radeon 9800 se...i couldn't find a guide anywhere.


    it's wierd. i googled it, and i can't find a STRAIT forward guide...all i can find is "just flash the bios of the card"


    i don't know if i have to have a certain type of memory, or mess with the voltages, i really wouldn't have posted this if i couldn't find anything on how to do it :(

  6. wow...this is crazy big insane! never thought the world would come to this...btw, i used to have a packard bell, it was a 386 processor with 8 meg of EDO parody ram...wow. it was a dream machine (about 8 years ago)


    payed about 1000 bucks for it. bought it after selling my tandy 1000 for 150 bucks to some homeless guy.

  7. one of my friends is running a 2.4c chip on an aero7+ at 3.5 to 3.7...and it typically runs around 32 celcius load.


    and p4 chip with a 'C' at the end is all the same chip, with just different multipliers. sooo...don't waste you money on buying a 3.2C chip...



    edit: not sure about the 'B' chips

  8. i've seen some people that have burned in for as much as 72 hours. at the computer place i work for we burn in all our computers for 72 hours, so make sure its stable. one time a guy asked us to burn it in for 100 hours, overclocked 15%. but...we denied. because it voids warrenty. think if we voided the warrenty before it ever left the store. hahah.

  9. yeah, i'd say it's not quite up to speed with the 9600. if you oc'ed it a bit, it may, MAY match it. but instead of a 4600, see if you can go with ati and go with a 9800 128 meg se...around 145, but the gpu blows the 9600 out of the water! the clock speeds are slower, 325 mhz core, and 500mhz memory, as compared to the 9600 pro at 400 mhz core and 600 mhz memory (i think).

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