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  1. If you want an amd system...go with the xp2500+ as everyone else says that, and a gigabyte kt8 or an abit nf7 max 2.


    for a intel based system...DEFINENTLY GO with the 2.4c chip...all of those are the same chip, with different multipliers. you could go out and spend 400 bucks on a 3.0c p4 and oc it to 3.6 on air...or buy a 2.4c for like 150 and oc it to 3.6 on air. also, go with an asus p4p mobo.

  2. Hey all, i'm planning on getting a Dangerden Watercooling kit...looking to spend at least 150 and no more than 200. there's one thing i'm unsure on though...how the waterblock mounts to the cpu. the only ones i can find are the ones that mount directly on the motherboard with screws!

    someone put a link for a video and i watched that one...and it clipped on the the motherboard! I WANT THAT ONE! if someone could give me the link to that video, or just tell me a good setup that clips on the the cpu.

    i'd like at least a 150 gph pump, a chipset cooler, and a video card cooler (chipset cooler)


    I really don't know what to do...everytime i try to custom build one it comes out around 250~ I don't have that kind of munnies!


    thanks to all who help :)

  3. Is this possible? I was talking to this guy just now, and he says his athlon xp 2400 overclocked to 2.2 is running a 15c on air cooling. a thermaltake tr2.


    he also says his room temp is comfortable. man...to get a processor that cold it'd have to be like -5 below in that room. i wouldn't say that's comfortable.


    i'm not calling this guy a liar, but all i can think of it that he's got a bad thermal probe.

  4. i've seen great success with duct mods. i need to know, is there anything else that will do as well as a duct mod? cause, i'm going up to lowe's tomorow, and i'm wondering if there's anything other than ducting that i can use to cool this box down!

  5. EEEEW! never buy a sunsway! they have mongolian kids away in singapore making these things! you know, the kind that used to work for nike?


    anyone that thought that was true...please pm me. i know a psychologist.


    yeah, but anyway, i wouldn't have gone with the sunsway. but...i bet you could find some nub out there that will buy it from you for what your bought it for...possibly more.


    like always, www.newegg.com owns.


    here's a gigabyte version for 70 bucks



    nev3r buy retail...NEEEEVAAH!


    buy an athlon xp 2500 from newegg (retail package) for 95 bucks


    or buy an athlon xp 2500 from compusa (retail package) for 150 bucks...i'd go with newegg.


    and that concludes the lesson for today...test next week. :P

  6. 2% is alot....because 2% 1ghz is 1.2ghz...thats a decent o/c=) but the actual difference from the 9800 pro and 9800xt is very very minimal...i run all my stuff a 1600x1200 16aa 8af still get 100fps on counter-strike=) with v sync on!!!! yes i o/ced my 9800 pro a lil...well a hell of a lot....but hey i like saying i got that extra 2% more then the rest of the pack even if the rest of the pack already has a 30% o/c ...

    neg buddy...go back to pre-algebra one. :withstupid:


    1020=1200? nah.


    but anyway, the r350 chip prolly can't withstand the voltage and heat as the r360. it may, but it'll shorten the life of it ALOT! prolly up to 6 months.

  7. well, in-case you guys were puzzled, i was looking for the clear cmos jumper earlier, and then i spotted a chip that was identical to the other ICS chip, and it is the working one.


    also, is it possible to change the fsb in bios? i know there is a kit you can buy...but i don't wanna do that. any other possiblilities?

  8. I've been a big fan of my nVidia card, i've always done anti-aliasing (i have an LCD monitor). Now with this ATI card, i try to turn on 4x antialiasing and i don't see any difference! what is up with this! Could it be my drivers or what?!


    Pls help...someone...anyone? :unsure:

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