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  1. Voltage is going to be dependent on two things - what cooling solution you have and how far you're willing to go/risk wearing out the chip.


    I think most people stop hitting those with voltage at 1.4V or so, but again this also depends on temperatures/cooling solution.


    Decent read for an E5700 in another Asus board - has ideas for voltage and whatnot


  2. How long are you planning on being there? Just a week in a hotel and mainly for calling the US I'd settle for calling cards on a land-based phone or skype/similar voice app over WiFi on a smart phone/laptop. Several months I'd look at a prepaid as you have suggested (something like the equivalent of Boost mobile and the like). I know we have a couple from Ireland and plenty from the UK so I'm sure someone will have an answer for you on pricing...

  3. Is an e-mail send to the user if a message arrives? Thanks.


    By default, I don't think so. It used to back when "messaging" and chat were separate, but I haven't seen one since they merged. I haven't gotten one lately for the messages that I received, and I've never changed any of my notification settings.


    You can have it email you for specific events if you customize your Email Frequency under the Notifications tab on your Account Settings.



  4. Theres lots of girls on the internet. You just have to go to places other than computer forums! lol


    Don't get your hopes up...spammers are getting creative nowadays. They are popping up on majority "dude" websites like this and car websites, one that I moderate. So posing as a chick wouldn't surprise me as being a tactic to make people click on links/signatures lol


    All in the past week: (only went 2-3 pages into google so I'm sure there are loads more)








    These link to threads that have already been deleted but are still in google cache:






    I rest my case :P


    Also, the common spelling Emily Davinci appears to be a porn star - so be careful when you start googling :thumbsup:

  5. My thoughts in order:


    First: "Woah that's pricey for a 2010 GTR"

    Second: "Oh I see, it's got over 900hp, kinda cool"

    Third: "Ouch, I wonder how many of those miles were before all of the upgrades"

    Fourth: "Eh, I don't really like the color anyways"


    To those who say "meh, it's only a nissan", it's one of the fastest cars you can buy for under $100k. It's quite well-designed. I kinda see that kind of statement as saying "Eh, a Ford GT is just a Ford." Lol


    Honestly though, I would rather buy a 2011-ish GTR for probably around or less than $80k and could easily have it over 800 horses with about $10-15k worth of goodies.

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