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  1. Wait, what's this about having to sit out every 5 laps? I've got a registered key to trackmania united somewhere that was the paid version...hmm. If it's like that, then that's pretty crappy. Makes me not want to pay for it again if that's the case.

  2. I used to play TMNF for hours a day almost 4 years ago - I was somewhere in the top 1000 in the world! I have to say, in order to do VERY well you have to memorize the maps - which means get on a server that you like and stay there. After being out of the loop for so long, and finally reuniting with the server that I used to play, I found that I didn't know the tracks and wouldn't do so hot!


    So, if you want to get good and enjoy the game, get on a server and stay there, learn the maps, and pwn noobs. It REALLY helps to have a controller. I use the logitech rumblepad 2 wireless. It allows you to steer "slightly" rather than having to choose only between hard left and hard right with keyboard arrows.

  3. I actually like Unified Remote - it's what i use, lol. I haven't updated it though - However I don't use it for media, just for the remote desktop abilities.


    You could try Gmote, I think that has stuff like that.


    Gingerbread 2.3, rooted on DroidX

  4. I was a HUGE fan back in the day of Duke3d. Largely entertaining for me as a kid and gave plenty of laughs. This one, maybe because I've "grown up", but I could only give it a 5. The story is "meh", basically all of the same ideas, there aren't a lot of dynamics, etc. I guess you could say the same about the original Duke 3d, but games have come a long way and I expected a lot more.


    I haven't beaten it. I'm probably about half-way through. Once I finish I may come back and update my score if my opinion changes at all.

  5. Anyone have access to a c&c machine that maybe I could convince to do a custom heatsink for me?


    Hmm. We've got CNCs where I work, but they're operating pretty much 24/7 so I wouldn't get any time on one.


    What are your plans, exactly? It'd be neat to have a custom, billet heat sink, but I couldn't imagine it performing anywhere near as well as a finned/soldered/heatpiped heatsink.

  6. ^ I definitely say move this thread to a member's forum, so that we don't get strangers/guests coming on there!


    I'd definitely be down to play. I might hop on there here soon.

  7. lovly review... shame it has no internal usb 3.0...


    Yep that part surprised me. I figured they'd both be internal, at least one...


    Yeah, the price is up there. But it's a huge mid tower. Yeah, it's close in price to the 700D but it's out of stock at Newegg for us US folks, and the 800D is at the cheapest $60 more and it's only slightly smaller but has about the same amount of internal room.

  8. The only thing I've had to do after owning a couple of jeeps with that motor for several years is changing the crankshaft position sensor. Never had any issues with the fuel pump or header cracking, and the 98's got almost a quarter of a million miles on it!

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