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  1. I'd be willing to scrape up a couple of fans and stick them in the mesh insert and see what kind of differences I observe, but I'd need to make sure that's ok. But Fogel, I'm fairly confident that even with 2 fans there, it would drastically reduce GPU and northbridge temperatures! And yes - the mesh panel is basically 240mm square, so that's how you can squeeze the four 120mm fans on there.

  2. Yes IVIY I agree I would have liked to have tested a 212+ side-by-side. If I ever get my hands on one I'll throw the un-official results in this thread. Unfortunately, as you mentioned, since there are so many different variables between reviewers and systems it's nearly impossible to include results from other reviews with any statistical significance. Any results in our case and heatsink reviews (at least mine) are tested in the same location, same computer, and same reviewer.


    To Stonerboy, I did some hand calculations comparing the effective difference between a larger fin gap and lesser surface area versus a smaller gap and a couple of extra fins. I found that really, there's not much difference. When you're talking pressure drop between the two, it does technically "double" with an arbitrary 1.4mm and 2.0mm gaps. However, that was on the order of single Pascals. So doubling a penny is still only two pennies.


    Honestly, the best way for Cooler Master to have tested this would have been to have several identical heatsinks with different fin spacings...and pick the one that worked best with a particular fan. My guess is that this fin gap was the most effective!

  3. Anyone go through the hassle of purchasing Trackmania2 Canyon? Nadeo thought it'd be perfectly OK by hyping up a countdown for weeks and making the purchase, download, and play all at the same time. Needless to say, their servers totally fell flat on their faces, and only a lucky few were able to purchase it before the payment system went down. Unfortunately for some of those, they got their keys and went to register - but the registration basically "ate" their keys but didn't create the account.


    Right now, it's moving smoothly and I've gotten my key and in the middle of downloading it. 16 hour after it launched, LOL

  4. Hey dude, you should add the option "I can't". There are many reasons you cannot give blood. Homosexuals, americans who lived in Europe for more than 5 years, those who previously had a blood transfusion and more cannot.


    I personally needed a blood transfusion at some point so myself I can't.


    ^Good call on that, I had forgotten. A girl in our office lived in the UK during like '90 to '00 (apparently the mad cow scare or something) so she can't give. Thanks bish for adding it

  5. Just wondering how many people here give blood. I give blood whenever I can if its convenient. I won't go out of my way to donate, but if I'm somewhere that a "blood bus" is, I'll step in if I have time. For example, they are at my office today and I gave a few hours ago.


    What about ya'll?

  6. Yep, you could do so with a form of load balancing linux router. However, since you'd have two/multiple separate external IPs, your http/ftp traffic speeds wouldn't increase. You would, on the other hand, speed up torrent transfers, etc but that's about all it would be good for.

  7. If he injected an ass of lidocaine into his abdomen it's likely he didn't feel much if anything. It's just whether or not he had the stomach (no pun intended) to do it. I couldn't really tell much of an improvement, I would have like to see how much he collected!

  8. Newegg is the only one that has these new as of right now. But...check your PM inbox.


    BTW Newegg shipping has always been excellent for me. Where did the item come from? A lot of times if you purchase something with guaranteed 3-day, and you're only a few states over they can get away with shipping it ground since you're close.


    The fact that UPS doesn't say that it will be there until Tuesday isn't Newegg's problem, unfortunately :P

  9. Did you bench any as a "6970"??


    Also how was noise at full fan speed??


    Yes, but those results were beyond the scope of the test. I included a screenshot of the before/after of 3dMark11 on the overclocking page in the review, but that's it. After playing with it myself and re-running the benchmarks I am seeing anywhere between a 5-10% increase in FPS over the entire board.


    Fan is pretty loud at 100% but I doubt it'd ever get there an auto. But then again, what video cards nowadays don't sound like turbines when you rev them to almost 6000RPM?

  10. OOOOh I missed playing a game of the world :(


    Definitely host it again some time once you get back in town so I can check it out and roam around the south pole :)

  11. okay, so $3000-$3500 for speakers and amps, batteries, wiring. Don't forget to add in at least $750 for each computer, not including inverters, power supplies, etc. I tallied up $3k just on three 2500Ks, 3 GTX580s, a 12" touchscreen, two 15" monitors, and memory. I stopped after that but that's where I'm seeing upwards of 10k when it's said and done. My point is that project budgets rarely go to plan. I could sit here and put together a parts list of what it would take to build a show-quality car audio setup, and I would probably add another 50% on top of it to get a more accurate figure. You're going to have to do a LOT of fabrication and other custom interior work which (I don't know if you know how to lay fiberglass or carbon fiber, but you'll probably need to learn unless you want to have a drab, stock interior)


    You're plan is to directly wire up your video cards to the battery to save a couple hundred on doing it right? That doesn't sound like a good idea...because the voltage regulation on car systems is not great :P You don't want to see more than +-10% on any voltage source in a computer. That's, at MOST, 13.2v on the 12v supply. Turn the car off and it drops to low 11s. FYI, when a car is running it generally sees 13.5V+. Not a good idea to wire that directly to your video cards. Why not just invest several hundred dollars into something like a 3kW inverter...MORE than enough for those three systems. I wouldn't consider anything else.

  12. Biggest question is, WTH on earth would you need three computers, especially being with sandybridge and gtx 580s to run...a 15" monitor?


    HUGE waste of money IMO unless you are being sponsored and plan on going to car shows, competitions, etc. You're talking upwards of $10,000+ after all is said and done.


    Buy a couple of SFF barebones and call it a day.


    I think you're missing how you plan on powering even one of those GTX 580s with a mini box DC-DC power supply...

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