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  1. Well, I've more or less "adopted" a GE Whirlpool Gold Ice Maker from '07. After finding out that new these things retail for $1,700, I'm determined to fix it - long story short I've found that it's demonstrating symptoms of being low on refrigerant. The evaporator "line" gets cold, and it gets frosty at the very end but it's obviously not getting cold enough. I did a little bit of research and some other GE refrigerators/other equipment from that time have already required recharging.


    Long story short, I'd like to recharge it - but I'm having trouble finding a way to recharge it. I've studied A/C systems and know all about how they work, but it's proving difficult to find the resources to actually learn to do it. I don't need anyone to say "you need a licensed tech"; I know that the parts/taps/gauges that I need can be purchased locally/online. If I can do a simple recharge without having to evacuate the system, I'm pretty sure that I can, it'd be nice to know...


    The compressor gets warm, but not hot, and the condensing coil doesn't really get warm but is completely clean and the fan is operating. I'm not sure how these things are supposed to "cycle", being the type of icemaker that it is. I believe it has to switch from cold to hot once ice has formed on the cascade tray, to melt the sheet of ice so it will slide onto the slicing tray where it will be cut into cubes.


    Help me out, OCC!

  2. And that, everyone, is the never-ending [w]ussification of America/The World. Change the 'w' to another consonant and you'll understand.


    @ Stonerboy, that's an excellent point. It's just like the exponentially-increasing cases germophobic households and people. Eventually, everything is going to be so sterile that generations from now, no one will have immunity to anything and then you'll end up with the movie Contagion when someone "unlocks" the cold virus, or something. I'm going to let my kids eat dirt, chew on sticks, whatever else they want to put in their mouths - within reason (nothing they could choke on, bugs, anything that could be poisonous, or just....disgusting).


    On top of that, "Jimmy, don't jump, you might hurt yourself. Be careful, you should probably get down." Jimmy: *jump, crash, cry*. Me: "See, you done gone and hurt yourself. Now you'll know better."

  3. I meant after the cutting though. for example when attaching new ram the motherboard might bend too much and break it, probably won't happen, but it will get much weaker...


    ^See picture of cutout on the Graphite case. Like that, it's hardly any less rigid than it would be without a cutout. This would be true if screw/mounting holes were removed in the process.

  4. Defintely Tower works better especially Noctua NH-D14 or Silver Arrow. Alternatively you could use a Corsair all in one Water kit. :biggrin:


    Welcome to OCC.


    Not trying to continue necro-ing this thread, but really? The NH-D14 is still at the top of the market after probably a year and a half and the Silver Arrow, while lesser-known, is still a big dog up there.


    An all-in-one solution to handle a low-profile situation isn't an awful option, though!

  5. The placement of the CPU is different for each motherboard. The itty bitty cutout in an A90 may provide perfect access to 90% of motherboards but may not to the remaining ones.


    Honestly, take out as much as you can without removing any of the threaded holes for the standoffs.




    Itty bitty: (Armor A90)




    A good size: (Corsair Graphite 600T)


  6. There are always a very large amount of law enforcement in between the protesters and the victims.


    Eventually, a group of victims aren't going to give a damn and the good ole' boy police are gonna say "whoops, they got passed us...oh know" while these people get their faces bashed in with crowbars and baseball bats.

  7. [...] or you have an oil leak that's dripping on your manifolds/downpipes and that's all you're seeing/smelling.



    1.Valve cover leak

    2.Cam Plugs


    Nailed it :D



    Glad it's nothing expensive. If you're handy, you could probably change your valve cover gasket(s) depending on the orientation of the engine.

  8. If your wastegate(s) were stuck open then you wouldn't build any boost. Well, you could, but it would be difficult.


    WHITE smoke is coolant/water, but more of a blueish color is oil. They both have distinct smells so I'm sure you know that it's oil.


    I would suggest (if you have the tools/elbow grease) to look inside the pipes that come out of the turbo(s)/go into the throttle body(ies). If there's oil in there, then your turbo(s) seals are going out. It's also possible that oil is leaking into the exhaust housing and burning but that's harder to detect.


    I am wondering why you're seeing smoke from the engine bay. Only way that's possible is if you either have an exhaust leak and it's escaping in there, or you have an oil leak that's dripping on your manifolds/downpipes and that's all you're seeing/smelling.

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