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  1. It's a little more than flipping that switch, after you flip the switch you load an HD 6970 bios onto the card. There are some guides on there on how to do it using ATIWinFlash which I successfully did with my DiRT3 Edition (see our review on it).


    Your second link is broken (something messed up its formatting), but generally these things would use the same PCB/aka same success rate of flashing and unlocking your extra cores.

  2. Wow, didn't realize this thread exploded! Catching up.


    @Taco, three.


    @Locutus, I'll do it for a six pack of these


    @Capitan, sent you a PM.


    @Potato, make an offer :)


    @Eco, I'd rather not let this one leave the country, tracking/etc/my peace of mind goes out the window if it did!


    @Bosco, indeed it is.


    @Black, sure, only 1:2e8 odds!


    @MJCRO, never too late to return it!


    @ivangela, correct, no HDMI. Only DisplayPort and DVI.


    Subscribed to thread, I'll keep up with it now!

  3. Well, I'm putting this out here as a feeler to see what I can get for it - it's an absolutely beautiful monitor but I'm making the switch to 5760.


    Paid $1150 for it; it still has over 2 years of warranty left on it. I'll be putting it on ebay in a couple of weeks but I figured I'd see if I could get some offers here first. I'd like to get $900 $850 $800 shipped out of it. No dead pixels, overall it's a clean monitor!


    I can have pictures of it up later, but honestly, it's a monitor :P

  4. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/mpchc2011102713122349.jpg/ [imageshack.us]

    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/265/mpchc2011102713185733.jpg/ [imageshack.us]


    Viewing angles / PoV needs some work. 1st screenshot is of an enemy soldier with barely the top of his head exposed. 2nd screenshot is the enemy soldier shooting me without exposing himself anymore than in the first screenshot.


    I've experienced this bug so many times on Operation Metro during Alpha and Beta. Now I have proof.a



    Ahah! I'm not the only one! You'd think they would have discovered that verrryy earlly...

  5. The moment that a college education becomes free, degrees won't mean anything anymore. They'd become little different from what a high school diploma means now.


    If you want to get into college, work your ass off in high school to get the funding that you need in a major that's worth a damn. If you want to stay in college and continue receiving grants/subsidized loans, continue working your ass off.

  6. Lol, those pictures were funny. I was going to step in, confess that it gave me a chuckle, and go about my business, but I'll ask the OWS supporters one thing (I'm not against it, I could care less):


    Honestly, what is OWS going to do? It's like an internet petition. Or any petition for that matter. People are wasting their time. I guarantee that nothing will benefit those poor folks who can't get a job. "OH, these corporations are out to hurt the little man! They don't care about their customers/people!" No, really? They're a business. They're in it for the money. A mom and pop store that actually gives a rip about "people" is far different from a large corporation. They don't need to impress the 8 people a day that come into their store, they serve and are fueled off of their dependents which made them who they are.


    "Hey man, let's go Occupy Wall Street and take down all of the evil organizations."

    "Sure, wanna go get Starbucks first?"

    "Sounds good, I can get on their wifi with my iPad and update my Tweets while I'm there."



  7. The accumulator just keeps liquid from slugging the compressor. Does it have a cap tube or TXV for the metering device? A clogged cap tube can give the same symptom as a low charge. The most likely culprit is a leak. How much of the evaporator freezes up without water running over it?


    None of the evaporator freezes. If anything, it's just cool to the touch but like I said the plumbing underneath it gets loads of frost on it. As far as I know it's completely sealed. No services ports/etc from what I can find

  8. It's a legit icemaker, not a fridge that has an icemaker in it.




    That's the newer, replacement model. Being that it still is cooling and probably sat for over a year before they got rid of it, I'm not too concerned about a hole. I'd like to get it working so I could sell it, lol!


    Up top is the cascade tray that is two pieces of aluminum that sandwich the cooling coils. Underneath it is some more plumbing and an accumulator. The plumbing beneath the cascade tray actually gets frost on it - will freeze water immediately on your skin (it feels "sticky, so to speak) so I KNOW that it's working enough there. I'm not sure if a "clog" could exist or if the accumulator could go bad, or something.

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