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  1. Okay - here's what I found. I went ahead and re-ran all tests for consistency. At 24°C ambient, the unofficial results are:


    Stock Idle, Stock Load, Overclocked Idle, Overclocked Load


    Noctua NH-D14

    2x Noctua fans, 65CFM - 35, 53, 37, 66

    2x Phanteks fans, 78CFM - 34, 52, 36, 64


    Phanteks PH-TC14PE

    2x Noctua fans, 65CFM - 33, 54, 36, 62

    2x Phanteks fans, 78CFM - 33, 53, 35, 61

  2. Airman if you test with the noctura fans can you also test the other way with the phantecks fans on the d14


    That way you will be able to work out a few things.

    ie. If the d14 cools worse, then the noctura fans are better which also means the phanteks cooler is better designed. That would also mean the phanteks cooler would cool even better. Or this could happen the other way round ect


    Understood, I should have time to knock that out tonight.

  3. I'm glad to see this immediate feedback, and was hoping to get a chance to make some more comments on this monstrous cooler.


    I will say that I was just as surprised, if not moreso than a lot of you with these results. Being that I always have to do a sanity check on my results before they ever hit paper, I seriously couldn't believe my eyes. I always start off with an overclocked load test for every review to ensure stability of the system and that everything is set up as it should be before I have wasted time from potentially recording potentially bad/erroneous numbers. Of course, the overclocked load is the most impressive number which is where I was astounded. I bet if I had start off with stock idle or stock load, I wouldn't have been so shocked.


    In hindsight, aside from the fact that never have I had a cooler excel so much and I'm just wasn't expecting the D14 to be dethroned, but looking up close at the engineering and design that went into the cooler should tell me that it could have a jump and an extra leg-up on Noctua. All of this cold plasma spray technology and antioxidant shields, visible solder on the joints, etc., (for you, Jesse) actually do mean something important when it comes to cooling. I'm very excited that I got to get my hands on a set of these and get to see the first-look results.


    Chris, thanks for the feedback :) Troy, you're absolutely right! It actually weighs only 10g (.35oz) more than the D14 :) Both fit the idea of more mass: greater heat capacity & more surface area = better, heavy load temperatures.


    Capitan - Yes, I'm sure you'll get to see more numbers from this cooler since its compatible with the next testbed components :)


    Stoner - me too. I wasn't too excited about them except the fact I had four of them in four nifty different colors :teehee: though I did expect DECENT performance from them seeing as how similar to the D14 they are. I still have some "unofficial" BF3 results that I need to gather under a request from my BF3 edition HD 6970 review, but if you like I can put some Noctua fans on it soon and run the tests again to see what happens if you like. From my conversion/calculations, using Noctua's specification of 110 cubic meters per hour, I found that's around 65cfm. Phanteks specify its fans as ~78cfm at ~19dBA versus Noctua's ~20dBA meaning that the Noctua is slightly louder with less airflow - on paper. Honestly I wasn't concerned with the noise level enough to comment on it in the review because I honestly can say it was never loud enough to hear over any other fans in the Graphite 600T. I doubt 10 CFM less could knock 5°C off of any of the tests, but we'll see!

  4. $15/hr? Like, seriously?


    For $100/hr I'll turn you into a pro.



    I would assume that a "pro" player probably wouldn't have a very high-paying job as it is, so $15 might not be that bad! Lol.


    Only on CL. Atlanta is less than 2 hours from me...

  5. Whats your opinion on the 5100? I am looking to pick it up this weekend, either black friday or cyber monday.


    I like it a lot. Low light pictures are great and lightweight and feels good overall. Battery life I wish was better. It needs a charge every ~200 shots (RAW+JPG) but that's with occasional use of the live-view feature. The fact that the raw+jpg files are 20+mb a piece means it's writing a lot of data so that certainly doesn't help.


    Anyways, sucks that it's only one lens. I would have been pissed! 18-55 just isn't enough. I loved the 18-70 on my Sony alpha.

  6. There are better versions out there. A lot of people are fussing about the fact of how fake it looks when it instantly goes from "line art" to realism. Also, what kind of person with such "skill" would make such a horrifying background? Most people think that someone went backwards and flipped around from the video.


    This guy knows what he's doing:


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