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  1. I'm moving in less than a month and have to have this stuff gone. Slashing prices further. Entertaining offers. Shipping is USPS Parcel Post Snail Mail. If you want UPS or anything else you'll have to pay extra.


    Thermaltake Frio Advanced - $45 $35 shipped (~$60 shipped on newegg)



    Phanteks PH-TC14CS - $70 $60 shipped (barely used)



    Sapphire HD 7950 FleX Dual-X Edition - $350 shipped USPS Priority



    US only unless you cover shipping - Canada negotiable, sorry international friends :(


    Everything shipped using USPS Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation (tracking). If you want it shipped a different way I'll only cover $10 of it.


    Edit 6/28 - Stuff marked ridiculously cheap. Shipping will cost me at least $10 on everything, so some of this stuff will bring me no dough. Please buy these!



  2. Auto parts stores will have the sandpaper that you need. It's used for paint jobs on cars...


    Unless something is extremely out of whack, a core that's 20°C hotter than any other just can't be possible. I'd say ten at most - and that might be during initial boot-up when small, single-threaded apps are running.


    What are the load temperatures? Are they still far apart, or are they more towards the same?

  3. so i just read the zotac page that was posted, (luved the pics) and now i'm at my wits end trying to determine whats in the "secret drawer" ...what was it what was it what was it ??????????????? ....any 2011 ???????


    Yeah, the unlabeled motherboards were in the "secret drawer". As far as 2011 goes, zotac already has those boards out. nothing else was confirmed other than "next generation chipset" for those motherboards! Look closely and you'll see "LGA 1155" screened onto the PCB.

  4. I think they said they were testing how well a cannon ball would go through certain types of material.


    Myth busted! LOL


    Glad no one got hurt. That would have been quite a terrifying experience.


    Supposedly I've read that the episode will still air so we'll at least know what they were doing, but of course they won't have any mention of the "misfire".


    This firing range would have had to be pretty close to that neighborhood for that to have happened and I'm quite confused as to why it was!

  5. Looking at cases today they're almost if not straight up always configured as negative. One 120mm ish fan in the front, a 120mm exhaust in the rear, and another big top exhaust.


    Some say a benefit of having positive air pressure in a case is going to lower the amount of dust intake. Well, what do you have to do to achieve positive pressure? A lot of intake fans. Sure, it'll prevent dust from being sucked through passive vent holes and such, but dust is going to get in regardless. Either way you're cleaning your dust filters if you have them. Honestly I think negative pressure would have less dust since you have less fans BLOWING IN.


    I think it's all bollocks anyways. Look at at specifications on a fan. Static pressure at most are usually like what, 3mmH2O max? Lets say you have three of those powerful fans blowing into a well-sealed case with no exhausts, and that lets you achieve a static 7mmH2O (2mm leakage) of positive pressure inside of the case.


    How does a 7mmH2O positive pressure inside of your case relate to atmospheric pressure? 1 atm (14,7psi, 101,300Pa, etc) aka general atmospheric pressure is over 10,000mmH2O. So, your powerful fans blowing into a well-sealed case is producing a pressure inside of it equal to less than a 0.07% pressure differential.


    From day-to-day weather patterns, barometric pressure can vary as much as 10% to put 0.07% in perspective...


    I could write more but I'm about to leave my work computer :P Long story short it's more relevant to the fan configuration and placement as opposed to pressure. It has nothing to do with it except to refer to the configuration itself.

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