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    Xbox One

    Will the next one be Xbox Two?
  2. Sad, shocking news. RIP Dale. You will be missed. My condolences to the family
  3. I can confirm this worked with two Z68 boards - only had to reactivate Windows and reinstall Office.
  4. I can change this in my mousepad settings. You likely have a synaptic touchpad - its under the scrolling settings. I can reverse the directions.
  5. Congrats Panda. I'll just leave this here - it's actually the music on my alarm clock every day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WiJczH3cr48
  6. Hmm, what exactly are you trying to add/change/edit in the pictures? Just a regular jpeg? I would try GIMP or a trial version of Photoshop.
  7. I guess I'll participate This is George, he's about 6 months old now. He's about 4 months in the first picture though
  8. I really wasn't exaggerating the part after I first got it out and was gazing at it in my hands. My jaw was open for a good 30 seconds while I was checking everything out...LOL
  9. A good chance yes. And holy wow 35mmH2O that's crazy. But as far as this force affecting anything, I wouldn't count on it. If the fan is attached to the heatsink it cannot apply a net force on it. Like trying to hoist your own body into the air lol
  10. The 140mm fan that came on the Thermaltake Frio Advanced was poorly designed and the blades actually stick out too far from the housing and will collide with what it's connected to. Really stupid, not sure if that's your problem but I definitely had to use a couple of washers to space the fan out from the heatsink or else it would bang together.
  11. I've been on boards before where if you try to start a thread that contains a lot of common keywords it directs the user to check the search results before posting.
  12. In other words, no - I don't believe there is a way to change the boot order from windows.
  13. Welcome to the forum. Glad you checked us out for the reviews, too!
  14. Perhaps if they have the account number and sort code and a lot of other personal information, they may be able to contact paypal and retrieve a new password? They'd have to act really fast though... Reminds me of Fonejacker...lol
  15. Thursday bump. HD 7950 is gone! Everything else in OP is still available.
  16. I really like my Vertex 3 120GB. Got it from Tiger Direct when prices started falling like crazy, got it for $99 before rebate. I don't think you can go wrong with OCZ; their products are top notch and the focus pretty much all on storage now.
  17. Monday bump for the HD 7950. Killer deal OCC
  18. Philosophically, wouldn't that make those NOT a 'mod'? As in 'modification'?
  19. No, it doesn't look like it. It's also mentioned several times in the reviews that it's not meant to be SLI'd and cannot be run in SLI mode, even though there is an SLI port present.
  20. Haha yes, my one-wheel-peel. But I rather like the control of an open when not sliding, lol
  21. Mmm yes. Open dump wastegate and burning through ~600+ CC of fuel a minute at WOT gives a similar effect, with a bonus added burnt tire smell
  22. Hah, cool deal. Can we get our early bird keys early? Lol JK
  23. There's only so much you get to learn by us simply telling you exactly what settings to punch in. Look through your motherboard's user manual and learn what each thing may mean for that board (some manufacturer's may use different terminology for the same thing). The chip is only stable as it is. We can't tell you what exactly it will do and where it will hit a wall/become unstable. That is something you have to find out by yourself. I already told you what voltage would be the max you should hit, but seeing as how you're still on the stock cooler I wouldn't touch voltages until you get something more suitable. It's not that 60°C is already high, it's that even a small increase in voltage can make a large jump in temperatures. It's really not worth it. If you want 4GHz then you should get a better cooler (even $30 would be a lot better than the stock and provide more overhead). I'd rather my chip be unstable on its own terms and find its limit rather than having to top at 80°C and just being worried about temps.
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