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    BEWARE: Platinum Live Security

    These things are nasty. They used to be a pain to get rid of a few years ago, and have since gotten even smarter and bury themselves even further than they used to. Almost all of these (and probably this one too) will re-associate the *.exe extension with this software, making it impossible to even run something like regedit, cmd, even task manager/etc. I hope this crap is against the law somewhere. It's fraud!
  2. Haha yeah, catching up on my work! Still have a nice little to-do list though. And yeah, the hyper 212 still nails it for <$35...
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    Hah cool. My brother is getting his PhD up at Wake Forest
  4. airman


    Post a vid The Miata looks great. I've seen it around town sometime last week on 93
  5. airman

    Nvidia 301.42 WHQL Released

    Interesting. I want to see how this increases the performance over the press driver I used in the GTX 680 review - that nVidia article is claiming up to 20% performance increases! I'm also glad to see that FXAA, Adaptive vsync, and frame-rate targeting is now available for the 8-series GPUs Pretty cool stuff
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    DEEPCOOL Ice Wind Pro Review

    My unofficial CM Hyper 212 Evo numbers on the same setup/ambient temperature: Stock IDLE: 32°C Stock LOAD: 55°C Overclocked IDLE: 36°C Overclocked LOAD: 67°C So, it seemed to match or beat this Deepcool by 1°C.
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    DEEPCOOL Ice Wind Pro Review

    Due to the feedback, I have a CM 212 Evo that I will be using for comparison in some upcoming reviews so stay tuned for that!
  8. A switch directly behind a modem is going to attempt to pull an external IP address for every device on the network. Most, if not all ISPs only provide you with one external IP address - most likely given to something like the router itself. Once that's taken, nothing else can "get online". If that's the case, then there's no choice but to put the router before the switch. Put the switch AFTER the router and you should be good to go.
  9. I've been saying similar things to myself about how coolers haven't changed in the past several years. And yes, that D14 copies are out there - however the Phanteks is the only one that's been done correctly: it's actually an improved copy
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    Forgot to update that the chip has sold. Still have motherboard though
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    R.I.P Carroll Shelby

    Aw man. RIP good friend
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    PC won't start.

    Mmmm yew put gas innit? Lol. Might be a trivial suggestion but you could try using something metal like a screwdriver or a pen point to "jump" the power leads on the motherboard rather than relying on the case headers. The switch could be bad. Have you tried "hotwiring" the PSU to make sure it comes on? Sometimes just the power LED on a motherboard isn't always a good indicator that the PSU is working properly
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    Bump. $200 for a 4ghz stable i7 920 and an SLI capable, high-end motherboard. $200 for both. You can hardly get an i7 920 for that price. Seriously no one wants this?
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    I think flat black can look kickass as long as it's done well. It's almost safe to say that it shows imperfections more than gloss does. Hmm, LS swap would be a lot of fun but your poor weight distribution Let me turbo it for you
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    NVIDIA GTX 670 Reviewed

    An incredible card for an incredible price. There's no reason to buy an AMD card anymore!
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    Airman's FS Thread, HD 7950 & Coolers

    Yes, hd7770 is sold!
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    Bump. Price dropped to $200 shipped. HOLY CRAP THAT'S AN AMAZING PRICE!
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    Airman's FS Thread, HD 7950 & Coolers

    Carbide 400R and Graphite 600T sold. Added HZXT H2 Classic to the list. $75 shipped for the brand new case saves you $30 or more! Price dropped to $80 shipped for the HD 7770! It's a kickass price for this card. BUMP!
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    win7 upgrade

    I was going to say that even with upgrade discs, I have been able to (in the past) install it as a "full install", not activate it, then upgrade the non-activated OS with the "upgrade" disc
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    Nividia 670

    Regardless if it will "hold up in court" blah blah, it's still disrespecting nVidia and if nVidia stands up then tweaktown will be scarce of nVidia products. Yes you get a card from them and they may say "under NDA until May 28th". Yes, you could also be a desperate dick and say "I didn't sign anything!" and post up anyways.
  21. airman

    NVIDIA GTX 690 Reviewed

    Mother of God.
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    Hmm, I can look!
  23. airman

    Airman's FS Thread, HD 7950 & Coolers

    Ah crap. I'm sorry man - been so caught up with exam preparation. Hang tight
  24. airman

    NVIDIA is Preparing Something..

    Arguing on the internet is.... You finish the sentence.
  25. airman

    Traction issues

    Spinning at 2k in first - are you just dropping the clutch or what? There's no way that a slightly modified mustang with 285s on the rear is going to spin unless you're doing something wrong...lol