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    Bosco's Mustang Log

    This is my favorite by far:
  2. airman

    26 heatpipes, no waiting

    What's funny is that the cooler on the reference GTX 680 is plenty. Something even funnier is that I haven't found any temperature results from this card - not even from Colorful itself lol so I'm sure it's nothing impressive.
  3. airman

    Gigabyte RMA

    I had a Gigabyte board RMA recently and it took probably 2 weeks tops.
  4. airman

    Annoying adset

    Any input on this? I thought we didn't want these type of ads on OCC... http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=170052&st=0&p=1748620&hl=popup&fromsearch=1entry1748620
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    Haha that's awesome! Next step, megasquirt
  6. airman

    Top Mounted Radiator, Intake or Exhaust

    I would say try it both ways. If you use it as an intake, the air you're pulling through the rad is going to be cooler than what would be flowing through the rad from inside of the case if it's set as exhaust. On the contrary, as intake, you'd be pulling air into the case that's been heated by the radiator on its way in, raising the "system" temp. Either could work out - would you prefer better CPU/loop temps or better system temps (HDD, GPU, RAM, etc)
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    Phanteks PH-TC14CS Review

    Haha. It came out shortly after the launch of this version of coolers IIRC Here's the product page http://phanteks.com/index.php?p=products_3&id=27&cate=1
  8. airman

    Phanteks PH-TC14CS Review

    Be careful what you wish for
  9. airman


    Lol anything over 110mph is right-on terrifying with blown suspension and sloppy bushings everywhere, haha. Have had it buried only twice since I've had it and never maintained the speed It's fun as hell Pleeease can we turbo the miata pleaasee
  10. airman


    Oh no, it would keep pulling up that high. I couldn't make that turbo run out of breath if I tried. Maybe at 40 psi, but stuff would start breaking before that. I was just saying that once the turbo is spooled, the powerband is nice and flat all the way across from about 4200 and up - so no need to keep it in gear and stress stuff when I can grab 4th (so to speak) and have the same power at lower RPMs that are nicer to my engine I shifted here around 6800, but eh it gets the idea. Low four-second 60-100mph ftw FYI volume is brutal so watch the speakers, Galaxy Nexus doesn't seem to like loud noises.
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    The KA24DE in the 240 redlines at 7250, but with my powerband I rarely take it past 6500
  12. airman

    Phanteks PH-TC14CS Review

    These coolers have some very close similarities to Noctua though. The mounting systems are identical - but that doesn't mean that they just used the same OEM. However, the Noctua D14 and the Phanteks PH-TC14PE are also very similar... Regardless, yes - Phanteks now reigns above all other heatsink manufacturers in my book when it comes to performance.
  13. airman

    Phanteks PH-TC14CS Review

    Yeah 80mm fans are dead, and Phanteks makes great stuff.
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    Haha. It's only a 1-wheel-peel machine if I let it be. I like the control I get with an open diff. If anything the stock/blown suspension is what would make my car sad on the track, luls. Building a cold air intake, eh? DO IT WITH PVC, GHETTO MOD OF THE YEAR! Lol, looking forward to seeing the interior.
  15. airman

    Can't Flash my AMD Ref 6950 2GB

    Ah okay. I could flash either one on my 6950 Toxic, had success on #2 I think lol
  16. airman

    Can't Flash my AMD Ref 6950 2GB

    Have you tried flashing the 6970 bios to the #2 position and leaving the stock bios on #1?
  17. airman

    hard drive activity lights

    It can be done easily with IDE drives, but with SATA you'd probably need the right kind of SATA expansion card or RAID controller.
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    16 degrees doesn't sound like a lot, the 240sx runs 20° base idle but it must be because of the difference in bore sizes. When's the next scheduled autocross?
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    Why lean it out though? Does it run too rich from factory? I feel that both leaning it out and retarding timing in efforts to reduce pinging would be like reducing clock speed and increasing voltage to reduce CPU temp
  20. airman

    Airman's FS Thread, HD 7950 & Coolers

    Bump. Added a few more coolers (SilenX, Thermaltake, Deepcool)
  21. airman


    Indeed, both sold. Thanks for everyone's interest
  22. airman


    Would like to sell together but will part if necessary. I'd like to get $200 for the combo but will work on OBO. Shipping negotiable. Would like to sell quickly! Processor does 3.6ghz easy. Great board too.
  23. airman

    Just saw a good deal

    DANGIT I want it so bad Why did you show this to me *sadface* edit: Dangit. Had to get the 2-year warranty and the 2-day shipping also. TITS.
  24. airman

    Annoying adset

    I brought this up because I thought I remembered seeing somewhere that we didn't want these type of ads on OCC or at least frowned upon them, but I might be wrong.
  25. airman

    gtx680 hit 93c playing minecraft

    93c seems way too high for even full load - I'm sure the card is okay but I would definitely look into trying to figure out why it got so hot!