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  1. I like it! Only needs a cello every now and then
  2. As far as banging on the hardware goes, it's not "phone hardware". It's tegra 3. Tegra 3 (like a year and a half old) won't be behind until tegra 4 comes out - at least six months from now. So just like processor hardware - how often do new sockets come out? Every year/two years, right? As far as I know, Tegra 3 has only shown up in a couple of phones. Mainly tablets/bigger things. I'd be interested to see a phone that could interface with network storage, stream stuff from shared drives, display up to 2650x1600 resolutions, and again, act as a stationary entertainment center for only $100. Watch some videos on youtube of Tegra 3 demos. There is plenty of graphics potential. One thing that many people are forgetting is that the hardware for every other console is "outdated" upon release...XBOX 360 has only 512mb of RAM. Hell, the Wii has less than 100MB of RAM and did very well.
  3. So far it's clean for me
  4. Long live megasquirt! I have the MSPNP2 box. I love it. 5 psi would have added a good 50-70hp or so, sounds like a fun little car
  5. I will reach out and say that I will be overclocking this thing as far as it will go Will definitely attempt aftermarket cooling solutions, space permitting. If there's not much space to begin with, I'll look into a custom enclosure for it.
  6. Funding seems to have slowed down at around 3.5 million - but I guess we'll see what the other half of the world does today/tonight
  7. The closest thing to this was Apple TV and it failed miserably LOL so yes we will see
  8. I don't think that just because it runs on Android doesn't mean it's going to be stuck in a "fragmented" app development world. Cross-platform between phones and Ouya will probably be limited. I don't expect this to basically be a "non-connected phone" that plugs into my TV so I can play Angry Birds, check emails, and use Office tools. It's going to be a gaming platform that has a following of development specifically for it - a lot like Steam. Many immensely successful games on Steam came from indie developers and do not require a large amount of hardware to run them. Comparing it too much to a mobile platform (yes, it is Android) leaves out the thought that it's a rootable, moddable, and simple playground for developers, but comparing it too much to a console drives down expectations as far as performance, graphics, etc - but remember, it's only $99... I look forward to it simply for the ROMs that I could play and have them all in one place, and for it to act as a nice little media center for [most likely] streaming hulu and netflix as well as my other media stored on the network. For $99, it's worth it to me just for a media/streaming box that I don't have to worry about fiddling to set up, clammering around with a mouse and keyboard on my couch, drivers, codecs, permissions, blah blah etc. It's just going to be a cool little toy. Whatever else it brings me is just the sugar on top.
  9. SilenX, Deepcool, and Havik have been sold. Added Sapphire HD 7950 FleX DualX Edition - $350 shipped, HOT DEAL
  10. If they can get their hands on it early enough, Tegra 4 might could be in the release. However, considering it only costs $95/99, I can't expect it. Tegra 3 should be fine for 1080p. An Acer tablet released about a month ago has a 1080p display and uses Tegra 3.
  11. For me, it immediately satisfies my desires of having an HTPC/media box without having to deal with building/finding a computer, setting it up, taking up space, etc. The games/controller/touchpad are just extras for me. The apps/android nature of it will make the possibilities endless and I really look forward to seeing what it can do and how far it goes. Sure, it's not going to replace anyone's PS3 or 360, but it will find its way into many of our homes as a very cool media/entertainment system. Many people in the course of the day have expressed a desire for 2GB of RAM. For $95 - you can't really expect that, but with enough 2GB suggestions may get OUYA to change the hardware to allow for 2GB and just mark the price up by a little bit when it hits the retail market next year. I will say though, don't the 360s and PS3s only have 512MB of RAM? 1GB may be more than enough
  12. The video is self-explanitory, the the earlier/first comments had a lot of good info and insight. At this point I don't think there's an official website or anything for it yet, a Google search for OUYA brings up the KS page. I've pledged $125 to get the unit plus the extra controller. If a discussion on it is already here, forgive me - search for OUYA brought up no results!
  13. I think I'm going to have to do the same. That's the whole reason why I have chosen not to install a content blocker
  14. Yep, some you can "mute" but they continue playing until the content is finished.
  15. I'm still seeing these from time to time.
  16. Yeah, that's kind of close. I would definitely at least use one of the plastic/paper shim things - if I recall, the 212 should have some things that you peel the back off of them and they are adhesive. You don't want to use anything too thick because it could throw off the heatsink/CPU interaction. Edit: The "insulating tape" should do the trick, I would just be sure that when the standoff "twists" in that it twist/tear the tape open.
  17. Yep, from my understanding the FleX cards have separate clock generators for the Single-Link DVI and the HDMI port, allowing them to be used independently. The Single-Link DVI and HDMI ports on non FleX cards are tied together.
  18. He started this topic and received similar welcomings on several other forums... https://www.google.com/search?btnG=1&pws=0&q=%22water+cooling+irony%22 Some of those threads look like they have even been removed, lol. Poor troll
  19. I needa biscuit anda beer

  20. True, but with the FleX you're also paying for the additional monitor support and saving the requirement of DP adapters (3x DVI monitors) which is nice. Plus some 7950s can be had for $350 (or less) and would have the same performance as this one - meaning if someone plans to overclock and run at 5760x1080 (or other high resolutions), the 7950 may be the better choice over the 670.
  21. Oh no no, certainly a lot of the more recent comments may be users playing along and leaving more clear troll-ism. But there are videos where he reads hate comments that have been posted on that video
  22. Haha. I enjoyed catching up on his channel. It's unreal how many people get so upset at his clear and successful trollings - especially when it says in the description and all over his channel that "this is a joke", lol
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