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  1. i'll give you $30 for one stick of that ram (512 meg)
  2. ok good, now i just need to find someone to buy my old card here PNY Ti4200 128meg 8x AGP
  3. not a PNY card or gainward....they are practically the same the $99 one is like...well it's not PNY haha
  4. just a weeeee bit over priced.... prolly 60 or 70 bucks at MOST
  5. does occ have an irc channel? i'll idle there for ya
  6. ~sry double post~ i can now get my core up to about 350 with the new cooler, but performance is terrible...5429 in 3dmark`01 i get better performance with stock speed <_<
  7. here is a link of the card, it's the Radeon 9600 256meg 8x AGP version. is it a "w00t w00t?" or is it a definate "no go"
  8. how can you get a GPU temp? i'd like to know cause i just put in a new heatsinkie thing
  9. if you haven't seen my other thread about my new cooler...check this pic out
  10. soo happy!! i made this from my old heatsink from my 1100mhz tbird and put it on my vc i just wanna know how much i can o/c it now!
  11. i've gotten rid of all the jaggies on the edges, i just need to next find a way to straighten out a couple of edges. they aren't as straight as i want them to be... pixturez
  12. i may be selling this card to get an ATI 9600pro, just to get a little extra money. starting price is 70 bucks (USD). i don't know really how much to sell it for, because i've only had this card for about 3 months now, and retail price is like $(140 USD) just give me some legit prices, and maybe i'll sell it to you
  13. well? anyone else got some other ideas? i've got a 60mm Evercool fan on the GPU i see people's core clock is FASTER than the memory clock; at stock speeds it is 250/513, and there's a big difference between those 2 numbers i have riva tuner, and if i try to put my core over 290, the video card goes out, and i have to restart. if i put the memory clock speed over 580, the screen looks all....funky.
  14. airman

    Fix The Time

    is it possible that it's your cpu time?
  15. it will also take a while to login yourself for every single compo!
  16. airman


    how about just put the icon in the startup folder? that's what i use
  17. for temps, if you have an updated bios, there should be a "PC Health Status" under there. that will give you temps, voltages, etc.
  18. the card is in my sig, someone just tell me the best speed for oc'ing.
  19. i've heard good and bad things of both.
  20. temp problems may be 1 or more of the following reasons: -no, not enough, or too much thermal paste applied -improperly installed heatsink -crappy heatsink/fan -couple of more reasons....just listed the obvious ones
  21. i just used my dremel tool to cut a big hole in the side of my case and it looks pretty good
  22. that's not what i was asking...i just need to know if my PSU could handle it but then again, i could just go with an antec 550watt psu and not have to worry about anything
  23. just wondering...i've got a 300 watt PSU. all the crap i've got plugged in... -Mobo -2 Disc Drives -HDD -1 HSF -1 side exaust fan. i need to know is how much power my mobo is sucking out of the PSU.
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