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  1. any 311 songs. 311 > Anything Else.
  2. acura RSX verrry fast i just did a google img search cuz i don't have any batteries for my digicam
  3. exactly bigred if you really really want to, you can change the water every day lol
  4. just wondering...i know it has a crappy pump, but how all do the other components work? cause i'm on a budget and looking into w/c -mike
  5. http://www.overclockersclub.com/guides/mousemod.php has a guide of how to put an LED in the mouse
  6. another how-to thread...i saw a picture of this and it didn't look too easy...
  7. hey all, i just need to know the best way to paint a case...type of paint...etc.
  8. yeah, sure! There are pins on the motherboard and the manual will tell you which pins are for which reason, and the cords should be labled. if they aren't, just trial and error will always work.
  9. hehe i was about to say got for a Thermaltake volcano...but thats about as loud as a hairdryer! 50+ dB. you'd sacrifice sanity AND all means of having a silent compo!
  10. ***triple post eheheh*** going once.... going twice..... and SOLD(well not yet) to a lucky ebay customer!!!
  11. i'm gonna get a metal cutting jigsaw blade tonight, and i'm just gonna make the cut about an inch bigger.
  12. dremel...but what ccokeman did and now it looks good
  13. there should be a jumper/switch...make that auto, and if not, make it 166mhz, you can set it in bios. i had that problem and it made it perfect once i flipped a switch my 2500+ was running at 1100mhZ, and i just flipped a switch on the mobo from 100mhZ to auto detect, and now it works beautifully!
  14. well anyone else wanna buy this from me? if not it's goin on ebay. i'm keeping this here until tomorow night and them i'm ebayin' it.
  15. i am very, i can't stress enough, very pleased with my Logitech MX300. i'd say go for that...save your money for 2 more weeks and most likely you'll have 30 bucks
  16. looks nice, have you tried this yourself yet? if so, can we get some pix?
  17. why wouldn't you want the 256 meg version? really? maybe you just got unlucky are the artifacts THAT visible? if not, i don't really care. oh, and just so you know, i don't have the money
  18. i'd rather buy that product at this place
  19. yikes, shipping on that must be expensive. 19" triniton....prolly 20-30 lbs!
  20. rgr that winger comin' in for a landing!
  21. how much for a 512 meg stick of ram?
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