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  1. CPDMF and ExRoadie, thank you for the responses. I was actually thinking about both the key points you guys made. I could lie about my past, it will look a lot better than what I really did, or I could tell the truth, which may get me turned away instantly. As ExRoadie said, that's why it's important to know what's on your record before you go into an interview
  2. I had a problem kind of similar to this one on an Nforce 3 motherboard. It would freeze as soon as it was looking for the IDE drives in POST. It did it randomly, too (the PC was working for almost half a year). I just unplugged the slave DVD drive on the secondary channel, as was reccomended in a forum, and it worked. Kind of out there, but it's worth a shot.
  3. I said earlier, go to a thriftstore. I've picked up a pair of KEF Q70 speakers for 20 dollars once. Also got a Pioneer SX 880 for 13 dollars. Also, speakers with RCA input jacks aren't going to be very good ( at least in my experience). So, go to your local thrifstore, do yourself a favor and pick up a Japanese made receiver and American / British made speakers. Some American made amplifiers are better than Japanese ones, but they're much rarer to find at second hand stores.
  4. Wow, just checked out those links Tasr. I didn't realize I messed up the build that badly ( I've built a few computers, namely with Asus , Abit, and ECS mobos). I didn't follow the manual, because it didn't come with one (got the OEM off Newegg). I did download it, and thought it would be like any other build, guess I was wrong I didn't plug in the floppy power cable nor the 4 pin molex on the mobo. How stupid of me! Thanks again Mr. Tasr!
  5. Thanks for the nice welcome, guys Yeah, they should name Redmond after Gates, so many Microsoft building it's unbelievable. Nokia and Nintendo also have quite a few campuses here, as well as T-mobile. Thanks for the links on the overclocking I do have some experience, been OC'ing since '04 , not very successfully but then again that's why I got the DFI board Yeah, as far as background checks, I've realized that colleges as well as employment places do them. Now you said they do them in the military? I'm pretty screwed then, heh. I was planning on joining the Navy. Hope a felony or two won't prevent that :*( Tasr, I'll try to pick up a Seasonic when I have a few extra bucks. If they're reccomended by DFI-Street and Silent PC Review they must be winners! thanks again guys.
  6. Are you sure they aren't banana plugs? Banana plugs can be found in high end speakers, I have a pair of Vandersteens and Spendors that utilize them. Not a good idea to amplify them through your sound card, nor a tuner. You'll need an amplifier or a receiver. Can't go wrong with an old Japanese receiver at a thriftstore. Then get some speaker cable at Home Depot, and hook those babies up. Today I picked up a pair of working Infinitys for 5 dollars, you'll never know what you find there.
  7. Nice mouse. I wonder if it will be too heavy to use for games, like the MX 1000 (due to the large battery). I have an MX 310 atm, and gave my old MX 518 to my dad. I have had some quality problems with both, but then again I abuse them, to say the least.
  8. Hello, Been "lurking" around these forums for a while, just soaking up what I could. I've got everything put together in my sig, just gotta format it. Then I'll get to the OC'ing I'm a highschool student from Washington, near Microsoft headquarters. Anyways, I've never seen such a flame-free and well moderated forum - with tons of stickies and great tutorials. I'd like to commend you gentlemen for that Anyways, I have an odd question, but it is relevant to me. Recently I've been searching for a job and find that all the employers do back ground checks. I'm fine with that, although I do have a few minor "mistakes" on my record. I know some of the charges were promised to be expunged, but I'm not sure if it's happened yet. I decided I'll get a background check on myself to see what my potential employers are seeing, and what I need to tell them and what not. I've searched for background check tools online and found a slew of websites. Could any of you please tell me if you could reccomend one? There's so many out there and there doesn't seem to be a "review" place for background check sites. Thanks a bunch!
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