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  1. I use my computer to record audio..mainly guitar and midi instruments. Since updating to the lanparty NF4 ultra d board and my opteron 165 chip...my performance of my audio applications has dropped significantly. Lots of pops and clicks in the audio recording. The cpu meter on my main program Steinberg cubase sx is constantly spiking yet Ctrl=Alt=del shows no real cpu load...yet the playback of even one track has many pops and clicks. The only thing that seems to temporaly sove this issue is to move the hardware acceleration slider to none from full. My question is are the nf4 drivers conclicting with something??? If so what is suggestedto remdy this driver issue? How do you go about this change...Im a guitar player not a computer tech guy...thank for your help PSP
  2. Just interested to know the OC potential diffrence between th CCBWE and the CCBBE? I currently have the CCBWE myself and paid much more than that deal a while back thanks
  3. Thanks for the info. OCZ seems the way to go... @lowboy I updated my location..thanks for the reminder! Well I live in Canada locating the best deal is a bit tricky compared to the USA...will keep searching... Ram suggesttions or jusr stick with the OCZ? I primarily use my computer for audio recording. Running mulitple vst instruments etc...more ram would allow me to have more effects processed in realtime and of course the potential for moreaudio tracks and more vst instruments....hobby turned compulsion over the last 22 years! Cheers PSP
  4. I have been thinking alot about my psu and may be purchasing the OCZ GameXStream 600 Watt PSU. Are there anythings i need to considering when dropping in a new psu? Will any data be lost? do i need to re flash the bios? or is a just a simple change of units? Also I am running only 1 gig of ram ..considering going to 2 . I currently am using 2 x 512 I read its better to have 2 x 1 gig is this true?.. i cant just drop in another another 1 gig stick? Also, to save money should i just buy 2 more 512's or sell the 512's and get and get two 1 gigs sticks??? Any recommendations for ram...Currently using the OCZ as seen in my sig.... Thanks
  5. Had something similar...i slide the jumper over...booted the computer with the jumper moved over a couple of times then put the jumper back to its original pos....booted fine after that ....this cleared my blackscreen of death...
  6. Well I have all all 4 connected I beleive one is to my emu 1820 sound card to power it... Some progress. I changed the ram from positions 2 and 4 to positions 1 and 3 (yellow slots) Things do seem faster...would the position of the ram play that big of a role? Connection Pics...Have I done this correctly? Thanks PSP Connbection 1 and 2 Connection 3 Connection 4 to power sound card
  7. well I will have to look inot the psu a bit more however, the guy i got the psu also gave me the mainboard and cooling unit and cpu...all was running well... A question for youguys..when on the net things load very slowly .for example, coming to this site all inages take a while to load (at the bottom of my screnn it says something like 80 items remainging dl...images etc...and things lag...is this a ram issue??? Just seems my system is running very slowly from internet to loading apps to whatever...very confused as to what to look into..other than mor ram? Thanks for your replies...Its appreciated psp
  8. you think its the brand or the w's for my psu listed in my sig? Ram... 2 1 gig sticks is the way to go hey...hmmmm..out comes the wallet again
  9. ran the test overnight...no errors any specific details nedded 20 pass...0 errors???
  10. Ok so from the above list of specs...My motherboard is listed as LP nf4 series...is there a way to confirm which board I have and which bios then to load, The guy I got it from said it was the landparty ultra d???? I loaded the NF4LD406 file but this resulted in the above mentioned problem...black screen,..... and i had to move the CMOS jumper reboot and then put the jumper back. Was this the wrong bios file update to use???. I Looked at the board itself today to see and markings or numbers..not much given really... So my questions are what bios update do I need if any? To have my system not hang so much is it suggested i up my ram to 2 gig? Video card drivers??? would this effect the performance lag that I am experiencing... Thank you kindly PSP
  11. Pardon this long post but i want to give you an idea of what I am running here...no over clocking...yet...you mention ram...think I may have to pick up a 1 gig stick to make it 2 gig total... --------[ EVEREST Ultimate Edition 2006 © 2003-2006 Lavalys, Inc. ]--------------------------------------------------- Version EVEREST v3.01.652 Benchmark Module Homepage http:// Report Type Report Wizard Computer Generator Owner Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition 5.1.2600 (WinXP Retail) Date 2006-01-01 Time 19:54 --------[ Summary ]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Computer: Computer Type ACPI Multiprocessor PC Operating System Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition OS Service Pack Service Pack 2 Internet Explorer 6.0.2900.2180 (IE 6.0 SP2) DirectX (DirectX 9.0c) Computer Name User Name Owner SMTP E-mail Address Logon Domain Date / Time 2006-01-01 / 19:52 Motherboard: CPU Type DualCore AMD Opteron 165, 1800 MHz (9 x 200) Motherboard Name DFI nF4 Series Motherboard Chipset nVIDIA nForce4, AMD Hammer System Memory 1024 MB (PC3200 DDR SDRAM) BIOS Type Award (04/06/06) Communication Port Communications Port (COM1) .
  12. A big hello...I am new here and have some questions. This is my first build and you can see some of my specs in the sig. I just tried to update my bios and think i loaded the wrong one as I was having trouble identifying my mother board and had the black screen of death ..computer wouldn't boot. However, when i changed the CMOS jumper and booted a couple of times...put the jumper back and things booted just fine...why? I used the winflash utlity to update a 2005 bios ..winflash now reads 04/06/2006. So i guess my bios is updated eventhough I had those issues as far as booting? IS this right? Would this older bios I had account for a system that would lag sometimes in fail to launch some .exe's? That was the problem I was having. Can someone please confirm for me how to locate what motherboard i have and if a further bios update is needed...I am completely new to this and use my computer for audio recording...I am a complete begineerin every sense with computer but feel am trying as much as possible before I post a msg here...ie the jumper switch. I am trying my best to explain the issues to you... Now with myGeForce card is it recommened that I use anyother drivers for it? I was also search the overcloacking area for tips and will definitaley have some questions soon Thanks psp
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