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  1. ok... ive got a dfi infinity nf4 mobo.. and this has been said before im sure but ive searched about 20 forums and have no sign of a fix... im using 2x512mb pc3200 ddr 2-2-2-5 memory.. overclocks like a champ... it was a g.skill f1-3200dsu2-1gbla ... now idk when this happened but they stopped producing these.. so i figured if i ordered another 2x512 by g.skill it would work in dual channel as long as it had the same timings (2-2-2-5... btw they both suggest 2.6v-2.8v im pretty sure) (my new ram is > F1-3200BWU2-1GBGH)now i inserted all 4 of these sticks in my motherboard... and it failed to start up... so i redid the cmos or we its called so it would reload bios.. i let the computer load up normally... checked cpuz... couldnt believe my eyes wut had happened... Frequency: 100.5mhz FSB: DRAM : CPU/22 whenever i try to manually change it in the bios the comp wont start up... im pretty sure it would be that but im not real sure... i tried resetting the cmos and just upping the CPU FSB by 5 and it wouldnt start up... i will attempt to set up the divider and try to get the CAS down to normal 2... i also tried using the divider 1:1 and setting it to 2.5-4-4-10 and it failed... i have also tried moving the sticks into different slots but it does nothing... so im real not sure y its doing this.. anyone have any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated
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