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  1. I used to have the same CPU, and just two sticks of the same memory. I was able to run it at 270 x 10, 1T - without a problem. That memory is super fast, but with 4 sticks, you will have to run it at 2T.
  2. I don't use Norton Anti-Virus, just for that reason. It is a resource hog, especially when booting up. You probably, like you said, won't notice a difference when gaming. I use AVG free edition because it runs and don't even know it is there.
  3. Was that the only setting he changed? Have you tried a CMOS clear, yet?
  4. I would start by reading this: http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823 You may find out, after following this guide, that 2.8 ghz can be surpassed.
  5. If you drop the divider to 150, the only way to tell is through trial and error, running dual Prime, etc. No two systems are exactly alike. Even if you search the OCDB, and use someone else's settings, it may not work for you. But, it will give you a reference point if your current settings are out of whack. Praz gave you some great advice, and he seems to know his stuff.
  6. I upgraded to a dual core CPU, so this one is for sale. I will also include the Opteron stock heatpipe cooler, since using water cooling anyways. Will ship anywhere in the continental US. Also, it has been used for about 2 months, and running stable at 2.7 ghz. Asking $60, shipped. SOLD
  7. I would try 3-4-4-8 for the ram, and see if that works. That guide is very good and well respected, even in other forums. One thing I have noticed, is that when you put your max cpu speed and max ram speed together, they sometimes do not play friendly. If the relaxed timings don't work, you may have to sacrifice a little somewhere to achieve stability. Don't be afraid to use a memory divider because "CPU mhz is king". You will get better performance in actual games, by switching to a memory divider and keeping your CPU maxed out.
  8. What does "bump" actually mean? It seems like the way it is used, or mis-used, it doesn't mean really anything.
  9. Was all of a sudden getting problems, even at stock settings. I thought the new Opty 165 crapped out on me. I took a deep breath, and tested the memory. Turns out the OCZ memory took a dump, and have already contacted and spoke to the manufacturer. So, have to put the Corsair memory back in and hope for the best. At least it is two gigs.
  10. Spaz-Ed

    [DIY] Gaming Clan

    Count me in!!!! Would be interested in joining. I mostly play Battlefield 2 for stress relief. The name I go by is "Babykiller69". Making this clan is such a great idea, and great for the members of the forum. Thanks in advance
  11. It does well with a 1:1 ratio, but the only drawback is the low CPU mult. of 9. My max memory speed is 288 mhz, DDR 576. You will have to resort to a memory divider to clock to 2.7 ghz, or higher. Looks like I will have to settle somewhere between, 2.9 & 3.0 ghz, then try to tighten my timings a little more, if possible.
  12. Currently testing at 2.9 ghz, passed at 2.88 ghz. If I can't get 2.9 or over, I will not be disappointed. It will still be a great over-clock because stock is only 1.8 ghz. I am sure there are many that can't even get to 2.8 because of hardware limitations, etc. Overall, I am extremely happy with it.
  13. Our cooling systems are similiar, and I am testing 2880 mhz @ 1.48v. Seems good so far. I will know shortly if I hit the same wall as you. How high did you raise the voltage to determine it was maxed out?
  14. Actually I was using the most current BIOS. I tried all of them, and couldn't use many of the lower dividers. That Corsair memory runs okay up to 210 mhz at 1:1 ratio. When I did get a divider to work, it would only do so if the ram stayed well below 200 mhz. The lower dividers were not completely stable.
  15. Right now, it is doing 2790 ghz without a problem. My guess is that I might be able to achieve somewhere between 2.9 - 3 ghz. Best AMD cpu I have ever owned.
  16. The Sennheiser PC150's that I have, are good for the money. Maybe spent around 50 bucks. They are not USB, so no worries. USB headphones are basically a waste of money if using on a high end gaming rig. Eats up cpu resources, and does not work in tandem with a high end soundcard. Comfort is a matter of opinion, so won't even comment about that.
  17. The corsair I was originally using did not like the lower dividers needed for higher clocking. The OCZ I am using seems okay with the dividers. Right now, my memory is running at 225 mhz (DDR 450), with the CPU at 2.7 ghz (8+hrs prime stable).
  18. Looks like the only way to reach near 3 g's, is by using my OCZ Platinum Rev 2's. The Corsair in my sig. totally blows!!!!!!! Any opinions on a great set of 2 gig matched pairs?
  19. Thanks for that link. It shows that it may have some potential.
  20. Right now, got it running at 2.7 ghz and priming. I don't want to get too crazy, since this is a new chip. Even at 2.7 ghz, this thing is way faster than expected.
  21. Just installed this processor, and haven't really overclocked it yet. I installed the dual core driver and optimizer. This is my first dual core, and hope that is the right thing to do. I ran Aquamark, and it seems kinda slow compared to my 3800 Venice. Granted my 3800 was at 2.7 ghz. Is this why it is slower? Right now I have it running stock at 1.8 ghz. I also re-installed the video driver. Thanks in advance,
  22. Still, I would be happy with 2.8 ghz. An improvement over the 3800 Venice. Plus the opty gives me more cache and an extra core.
  23. Is this stepping good, and how far will I be able to push it using water cooling?
  24. The only thing left to try is maybe using the 9/10 divider. This will just give you more headroom for overclocking the CPU, if your memory is maxed out. You may need to increase the voltage a tad more, but be careful with the temps. I am thinking you may be able to squeeze out an extra 50 mhz, and that's all. Good luck getting to 3 ghz.
  25. Spaz-Ed

    Bf 2142

    I tried most of the mods, but my only beef is that most of the servers are not ranked. I was in the Marine Corps, and know about how difficult it is to achieve the higher ranks. This is what makes it enjoyable for me. My only complaint about the game is the bunny hopping, kamikazee jeep drivers.
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