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  1. Just a quick update, as itss been many months since i was here last. I ditched my 3500+ as it just didnt liked being overclocked at all. I picked up a opto 170 for cheap ( not sure of the stepping anymore ) And over the last few months i have pushed it from 2.6ghz to 3.2ghz at 320fs 1:1. Okay its not air cooled, but its only a simple watercooling setup. Im pretty sure i could get the same speeds on a tuniq or a ultra 120 extreme with some lapping and a ihs removal. Still, it pays to get good ram when overclocking the 939 chips. I was using corsair 4400 and was stuck at 292fsb 1:1 with the new mushkin i could go straight to 320fsb 1:1 with 2.75v. Best of all, the whole thing is for sale now
  2. I have not installed anything yet, As i am yet to fit the psu. I think im gonna hae to cut a whole out of the side of the case to fit the tuniq tower.
  3. Cool thanks, oh also ordered the tuniq tower too. So hopfully ill hit atleast fx-60 speeds
  4. Hey guys, ive just changed my 3500+ for a opty 170. and dropped my 6600gt sli setp for the new tec cooled gecube 1950pro. I have the latest bios from the dfi website. But i need to know will the components be compatible, especially the cpu. Im running a nf4 ut-rd with the sli mod.
  5. okay lads i just bit the bullet. I was having some luck with 295 x 10 1:1 @ 1.7v So after a few drinks this evening i tried 320 x 10 6:7 ( Shoop da whoop Ya beat meh ) @ 1.7v Well i made it to the windows screen, And bsod :/ every time i past post its bsod. Ive got the pc apart now And am checking everything, Luckily i have a spare mobo ram and psu here. But so far it looks bad :/ Oh well, maybe this 3800+ can get past 3GGG Will post back later.
  6. Well i bit the bullet tonight. I was having some luck with 295x10 @ 1.7v Was able to run 3dmark06 on loop for 16 hours. So after a few drinks tonight, i thought " **** it " lets go for 3.2ghz 320 X 10 Well that was my first mistake. BANG Bye bye cpu :/ bsod after post :/ am in the process of removing the cpu now. to check if it has been screwed over. I hope it isnt :/
  7. 2ghz plus would be better. But we need your stepping code to find out. To do this you will have ot remove the heatsink from your cpu, and write down all the number son it.
  8. loosk like a driver problem, you should be getting alot more. REmove your current drivers, And try some drievrs from www.tweaksrus.com
  9. Damn you. Dman all you 3ghz people. I shall get there, even if i have to kook up a second psu. and a car battery to the cpu
  10. mies around the same. dosent cause ay problems though.
  11. Gah dammit, 3.01ghz alomst made it 3dmark06. can multiple pi 1m at 26-27sec. i dont wanna try 32m yet.
  12. We cant all use a meter though. some of us have to rely on software <_< >_>
  13. habe you tried more voltage to you cpu and chipset. I was just able to post at 2.95ghz using 10x295 10:9 1.65v and 1.8v chipset. Im told this is dangerours, but i dont mind My ram timings were loosers ten your average amsterdamn whore though
  14. The source test means nothing tbh. Run some raytracing or the 3dmark 03/05/06 tests before and after.
  15. I reseated the hsf today. but a per your advice i have left it at 1.58v and 10x260. Ill prime over night. see how it goes. Thanks for the advice
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