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  1. After lapping my heatsink and putting it back on my cpu, my computer wont post now. ive tried leaving the battery out for 8 hours and it still wont work. the cpu is not the problem because it worked fine in my brothers rig. but the videocard doesnt work because when i tried it out in my dads rig it wouldnt boot. but 4 red leds doesnt have to do with video does it? or did i somehow corrupt my bios? if so how do i go about fixing that? i remember reading somewhere that tmod does some kind of repair? thanks a lot!
  2. ive tried setting nearly everything on auto and no luck. and just to test if my mobo didnt like my ram i used my old tccd with the same result. i tried a few different bios with no luck. i will post my ram settings soon and hopefully you guys can help me out
  3. I have a DFI Lanparty SLI-DR and i am having trouble getting Too 300htt. i backed my cpu multi to 6x and upped my htt to 300 so it would be like running at stock 1800mhz. i also put the mem divider down to 100 so it would eliminate the ram. ive also lowered the HT multi to 3 and tried 2.5 with no sucess. i also increased the LDT voltage to 1.3 and the chipset voltage to 1.6. I am using the 704-2a tweaked bios. Any advice on how to get up to 300htt? Rig 3000+ Venice Dfi LP Sli-Dr OCZ 2gb performance antec SP2.0 500w Creative X-fi X-music Msi 6800Nu
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