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  1. Just makes you wonder how people can be so blind to what their children are becoming because of the money... In High School I worked full time at a Blue Chip. (Gambling Boat) At this college it boggles my mind as to how spoiled these kids can be, most don't even know what work is.
  2. Most of the kids in my college scare me for the amount of stupidity and spoiled arogance which is amungst them. Mommy and Daddy spend too much time buying the kids everything, and buying them out of trouble. Then again I'm paying my way through a private college, and I guess that should be expected here. It still makes me sick how people think that the world exists to be their slaves and that no matter what is happening in the world they are the ones who have it hard when their maid is sick... I'd pay to see some of these kids be workers for a day
  3. I have a Scepter gammer and after a year it is starting to have burn in issues. Part of my screen saver actually has become burned into the screen, which completly shocked me. I am not on my computer so I don't know what modle number it is, but it was the 19 inch gammer. EDIT: The screen saver I use is the Clockwise screen saver, the calender on it became burnt in. The calender indeed moves. For now I have been leaving my moniter off when I am not in use.
  4. I doubt it was the alcohol prepping; I have used those and never had a problem. I haven’t changed the stock heat sink on my 7950 though. I have had problems with ASUS before, the 6800 that I had ran way too hot for what it should have been running, and it never worked right. (Although I believe that was because of an ASUS motherboard)
  5. Forgive my lack of activity, its crash week, and next week is finals...
  6. Thanks for the replies, will try the pm. Yet another week and no words from my schools IT... Its sad that they haven't done anything yet, other then ask what my operating system was which I told them in my first email.
  7. I have to run Cisco Clean Access to stay on my school's network. It keeps locking up my machine and the school IT has sat on the issue for a month. Their solution is a restart, which lets the time bomb start all over again. CCAAgent.exe is the problem; currently it is using 293,908K of my memory (According to task manager) I am running XP pro, hardware is in my signature. The school IT is useless. I sent in a work order a month ago, with all the information that I thought would help. A month latter I get a reply asking for my OS, which I told them, was XP pro in the first email. Any Ideas? I couldn't find anything about this problem.
  8. I had XP 64, went back after frustrations. All of my school's mandatory software was in compatible with it. the network demands you install their junk on windows machines and it wouldnt work on mine so I could not use it. That was a few months ago though. I do know that when I had it there were no drivers out for HP printers or web cams, but I never had software problems other then my school junk.
  9. I had a teacher break a computer and then blame it on me and my lab partner in my Aplus certification coarse I took. They had us working on old school computers, which were pentium one machines. 3rd week into the coarse we had to install the cpu. I and my partner are good friends and he is the one that got me into building computers, we were done so fast the the teach wanted to be sure we did it right. He grabbed the heat sink and shook it to test and make sure it was solid, which snaped it off. We didnt know it broke till we had it back sitting with all the junk and herd a bang from when the heatsink fell off. The good news was that I and my friend rotated our computers in for lab days and we got to do a ton of work on our own machines during class, and even some we sold.
  10. 54 I didn't even think there would be anything like this at all, thanks for the chance!!! (sorry for disapearing, midterm and theesis time for me, no time to play)
  11. Before I went water cooling, my computer was the fan for the dorm room I lived in. I could put paper on my bed and it would move when I turned on my old system. (though my pc was right next to my bed in the closet dorm room... Now my computer's my personal ac thanks to the liquid cooling. (I wish it worked that well)
  12. The only time I shut t off is when Im working on it. I'v been considering shutting my pc off more often recently because my school's power has been pretty unstable. Random flashes and brown outs for no reason. They had two transformers blow up and ever since the power has been unstable.
  13. I've been considering doing something like that. My school blocks downloading and gaming to conserve bandwidth. (they say its for virus protection, but in reality it is bandwidth) They wont even let a person voip and instant messaging is limited as well. They have given me three storage drives on the network though and they wont creat a vpn to let me have access to them if I am not on the network. (If im home and I need something, I wont be able to get it) I was going to do this, but then I heard from their IT that they will lock out my network conection if they can see that I am hooked up to another line as well.
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