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  1. There are some nice prices on some of these PSUs. I know some may not be the best but for some of these prices you really can't go wrong. Some have combo deals which aren't too bad as well. Haven't bought much hardware in a while but they seemed like good prices AR to me. http://www.svc.com/coolermaster-psu.html Haven't been in many forums in a while and I didn't see an SVC linky. If you guys see one please post and I will add!
  2. I have used this case. It is great and can be modded easily. This thing weighs nothing! Well, very little. For this price, even after shipping, it's tough to get a better case. http://www.svc.com/rc-631-kwn1.html Haven't been in many forums in a while and I didn't see an SVC linky. If you guys see one please post and I will add!
  3. I'm not threadtrolling. Just wondering about heat refernces and I'll take it off your hands for $175 shipped.
  4. NEED THIS ASAP! Looking for a heatsink that will fit on an AM2. Must be clean. Stock is fine as they can be had for $10 shipped and under. Intel E4400 Allendale. Possibly looking for an 7900GTX
  5. I know but I've seen a few in the 40's!!!
  6. Looking at a 7900GT with an HR03 for $125. Entertaining other offers but this one looks to be on top 4 now. Anything else out there?
  7. Tempted. Really tempted on the DFI but the Brisby doesn't do it for me. Had bad experience with delidded chip b4. Bump 4 u anyway...
  8. GOOD trader! Ya need a Heat account! Open one up and I will leave you + feedback. I was actually coming to email you on that but noticed on your first post u have none. I was looking through mine because some retard gave me - feedback and looking through it I didn't see your name. http://heatware.com/eval.php?id=52852 Avoid that guy that tried to scam me. http://www.hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1179918
  9. It's the one at Newegg OEM. Can do 2.8 @ 1.4ish. I have OCed them. Just haven't kept tabs of the OC's on Super PI and Orthos. Here is one shot I found. Tracers 667 @ 2.4. I love Ballistix and the Tracers are cool. I've tested this board for a client, I've used the NFM2 personally as well, and he will be very happy. BTW, I don't care for PI times. I run various programs while I'm testing. As long as it passed I'm fine. If the PC feels slow then I'll run it alone. This same chip is in the EVGA I received this week and running at 2.4 easy. At 1st try I didn't even realize that it was running at 2.5+ because of the multi (9.5). I just used the same numbers as the Abit NMf2 fsb at the 9 multi on the EVGA and it booted! I dropped it a bit to 2.4 though. Weird thing is that it was stable. No freezes or random boot ups... I will try soon to see if I was able to get a better OC on the EVGA vs the Abit.
  10. I go through a decent amount of HW because I resell overseas. Within the last month I've been through an Abit Nfm2 nview, an kn9s, a couple of ECS Matx's and I have an EVGA 590 coming and am currently using that same board that arrived this week. I haven't seen any bios updates from Abit, very disappointed as they are one of my favs, or ECS. EVGA just posted one via floppy... :confused: Why floppy???!!! Grrr. I haven't used one in 2 years!!! Anyway, none of them reported correct temps, however they all OCed very well (Barring ECS because of limited bios options). I've been able to hit 2.4 @ stock easy on a 65nm 3600+. I was also able to do 2.6-2.8 stable at around 1.4V on both ABit' and the EVGA. The EVGA was a tad tricky because I had to leave the CPU multiplier on Auto (for it to be 9.5) or drop the multi to 9. Nevertheless all have done very well.
  11. I have another 590 SLi board. EVGA. I think it's just the 590 chipset in general. I just received the board and cpuz doesn't read some of the info correctly. It is a very good OCer. I'll give it that. I have to leave the CPU on Auto for it to read the half multi. If I drop it down to 9 it really flies as well. How long have u had the board? You also mean u have Karjananrnarn (dumb name) connector as well...
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