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  1. Yes the Ram should make 250 MHZ, so the Bios must work for this how is the 406BTA? better than the 704-2bta?
  2. I added now my Signature, that you can view Details of my Sys
  3. Hi everybody, i need an Bios Recommendation for my DFI Lanparty Nforce4 Ultra-D, now my Twinmos 1GB runs with 510-2 Bios but soon my new 2GB Samsung UCC comes, so do i must change the Bios and which one do you prefer for max OC, with best Timings? thx for help
  4. Hi folks, i have a question about the Bios File 510-2, works fine quite a long time overclocked. Now im planning to change my CPU to an Dualcore CPU. At the moment i use a Venice 939 3200+ overclocked at 4400+. Now i must know if this BIos works with an Dualcore, i don't wanna change the Bios if it is not necessary. Hery my actual Sys Venice 3200+ @10x260=2600 MHZ @1,65 DFI Lanparty UT-D Nforce4 Bios 510-2 1024 MB Twinmos Speed [email protected] MHZ 2-2-2-5 1T 3,3V Gainward Geforce 6800GT @ 6800 Ultra 160 GB Raid 0 Hitachi Vancouver III thx Wanya
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