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  1. X-Fis crystallizer's main effect is to increase the volume by a few decibels. It might apply some treble boosting EQ as well (not sure about that). Sure, it may make it "clearer", but its hardly through any wondrous method.
  2. I'm sure DFI gets engineering samples from Intel; it's just that it's unlikely anyone has a Kentsfield CPU, and also if DFI gets them, they're not likely to trickle down to HG.
  3. Put your computer two feet from the wall, then While you're at it, buy a 11-foot pole.
  4. Your CPU is 46C at idle? Hmm, I was worried about boosting Vcore since my CPU was 35C~ at idle and 55C~ at load. Maybe this will give me encouragement to feed it more volts for the greater good of OCing
  5. That may be true, but the word "when" is still there. So while it will be an move up in the future, it seems to me that at the moment the cost/benefit ratio is somewhat suboptimal, compared to say a Conroe upgrade.
  6. I don't think it would be a meaningful upgrade to go from 939 to AM2 right now. It's more of a sideways move if you ask me.
  7. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65553
  8. From his post it seemed like he was already found it, so to me it's smarter to "confess" than to wait to be accused if you know the accusation will inevitably come. Now if it wasn't traced than ethics come into play.
  9. From the perspective of personal gain for yourself, it's better if you act like you don't know anything. Now, what you did was probably the best option if you cared about the matter. Now as for DragonTattooz, well, it's pretty obvious that being an ethical person tends to have drawbacks and that being a scumbag, if you are smart, will result in all sorts of benefits. So I'm not sure what your point is, since (IMHO) the times when ethics are tested is when ignoring them is beneficial to you. So yes, you don't get rewards for being moral, that's not the point; not everything is based on a reward-punishment system. For what it's worth I don't consider myself a particularly ethical person (I do tend to try to avoid rationalizing things, though), I would not have done anything about the engineering samples, but I do respect those who hold themselves to a stricter standard, as opposed to bashing them for being naive, idealistic, etc. etc. etc.
  10. Couldn't you get someone to buy from here: http://www.tankguys.biz/team-xtreem-cronus...ron-p-1542.html and ship it to you? Or does shipping to Australia really cost $130+?
  11. That's really not a problem with Paypal themselves, though. The whole Paypal thing seems like the same problem as having a faulty power supply... everything works perfectly well, until it doesn't.
  12. K2Grey


    Icez84: I realize that it's natural to believe that one's personal experiences take precedence over everyone else's experiences, but this is not always the case. Your problems with your PSU indicate that your particular PSU has problems, but a sample case of 1 is not sufficient to determine that a PSU is intrinsically flawed. For example, I brought 2x sticks of shiny OCZ Performance DDR400 RAM, and it had errors in Memtest and had to be sent back, but you haven't seen me start posting about how OCZ is crap and overrated and people should all buy GSkill instead.
  13. Hmm... F/S forums (right now): PSU: OCZ PowerStream 520W - $90 Mobo: Ultra-D $70 Gfx card: PNY 6600gt 256mb $70 Newegg: CPU: AMD 64 3200+ Venice $70 HD: Seagate 7200.10 250GB $80 Case: $50 or so Wait on F/S forums for a 2x512 set to come up; total cost around $530 (including RAM).
  14. More like Subspace (obscure game from 1996~) and Angband (obscure ASCII graphics game which is a variant of a 1990~ game). But hey, I've been changing my ways, I recently finished a game from 1998~ and will in about 2 weeks start on a 2000~ game Actually, if there was someone willing to buy my computer, I'd sell it just so that I could have the experience of building another one (with a DFI board of course). But it's not very likely there happens to be anyone local who would be willing to buy it.
  15. You could always cultivate a gaming habit. Which is what I am in the process of trying to do. The problem is, I end up playing 10 year old games which don't exactly have major power requirements I am working my way up to present day though.
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