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  1. Thanks a lot guys, gettin' a little scared seein as how i'm not even started on this yet and i'm having trouble lol. It doesn't specify on what exactly i need, but i'll go with what's free until i get a feel for what i should get. I appreciate the help. (Had to edit this in since it seems i'm not aloud to post twice in a row lol, my Teach yourself C++ book has an initial exercise to get the reader comfortable with the process of a general program, i was able to find what looks like a good compiler (Bloodshed Dev-C++), but when i went through the steps my book told me to, and compiled/linked the source code, it came up with "c:\BLOODS~1\Bin\ld.exe: cannot open -lstdc++: No Such File Or Directory", now the "No such file or directory" part i understand lol, but is that something that my compiler should have? Or am i not doing something right? Man i'm a hopeless cause lol. If anyone has any advice, (i.e. what could help, or that i should just give up now) feel free to post, thanks again
  2. Hey thanks man, really looking to get started but it's funny.... my "Teach yourself C++ in 21 days!" book is based on the reader knowing nothing about it in the first place, yet it tells me such vague requirements to get goin' on it lol. All it says is a "Compiler" and "Editor" so i'll download your link, i'm sure it's what it wants. Much appreciated bro. I'll try to keep this thread open because oh lordy i'm sure i'll have a few more questions along the way lol. Thanks again.
  3. Always been a hardware guy m'self, but i think it's high time i should at least learn something new. It's always been advised to me that learning a programing language could do me bunches of good, and i finally caughed up the 30-some-odd dollars and bought a book that could choke a walrus. So, the first thing this "chunk-of-my-money" of a book tells me, is that i need to spend more of it. I need a C++ compiler and editor. I'm sure there's got to be a free downloadable kind of software, but i don't have a clue what i'm looking for. If any programer Gurus want to lend a bit of their brain power, it'd be much appreciated. OmNi-(always looking to learn more)-FrAg
  4. Hehe yeah, it was the 5800 that took the cake on the "Louder-is-better" Nvidia campaigne wasn't it lol. You're right though, more cards, more fueds, more ups, more downs. Enough to fill a few more post threads. You know what i was impressed with, i play Planetside, the Massive Multiplayer Online FPS, and the world is virtuatlly seemless, (each continent that is), if XP Home is limiting my RAM utilization and i still run it like i'm player Super Mario World NES on my P4....i mean, i can't think of anything more VC intensive offhand. Kewl-points to the 5900 imo.
  5. Baaaaaaaa! Just checked and it's gonna hit me 200 bucks to get yet ANOTHER version of windows? *sigh*
  6. Haha i hear ya, i have one of the more graphic-intensive screensavers known to man lol. All in all i can't complain, comparisons make a card look bad no matter what, but with all the applications i've run and the games i play, that card hasn't even been challenged.
  7. I appreciate the advice, as it is embaressing to be running XP Home at all, i am well aware of it's downsides, although wasn't clear on those exact numbers. Unfortunately, this computer of mine was purchased no more than a week ago, and as we all know XP Home has become the factory-status-standard. As of now i'm saving my pennies, hope to upgrade soon. Thanks again for the pointers.
  8. The 5900 Ultra actually has two fans. It's standard fan, and an 'Overdrive' fan that engages when it's temp gage says it's too hot
  9. Yeah that game's gonna be massive. I've been trying to keep tabs, and it looks like Half-Life2 isn't gonna be much easier to qualify for. It's the new lighting/shader engine they've implimented that's gonna tear up everybodies VC's. I heard some one earlier mention getting the 9800pro, great card. Although Nvidia insists they're 5900 ultra is geared more towards games just like Doom3 and promises to run better benchmarks*caugh* but i won't bring up the discussion of Nvidia-Benchmarks-"Optimizations"(cheating)- that went on this year lol. P.S. Yes i'm quite aware i run a FX 5900 ultra in my machine thankyouverymuch lol
  10. Same here, fluctuated between 28.6 and 28.8, never more than that. Finally got fed up and ordered the broadband. But it's still the same, "1.5 Bandwidth!!!!!" they scream, but i get between 1.1 and 1.3 lol. I did EverQuest on 28.8 Dial-up for some years, if you're an avid gamer it really is worth the 40$ a month. Makes all the difference in the world.
  11. As much of a bad response it seems like i'm going to get for this lol, EQ2 is what i'm waiting for the most. FF11 Has been on my wish list for a long time, but with no PvP aspect, all it does it worry me that they'll mess up the series since the value of the game has always been based on story-line. (Biggest FF fan ever) don't bother bashing me, i've loved them since i was a kid. EQ2 is going to have the most intense graphic-engine of them all, i'm a graphics-buff. Lineage2 looks cool n' all, as well as a few more, but lets be real, you can really only choose 1 MMORPG, that is, if you have a job lol.
  12. Hey guys, so much negativity! He asked for a critique, but on his website-making-skills not business-appropriate-style. Two thumbs up for me, awsome work for a first time. And if your boss wanted it that flashy, ya did it just right, no? P.S. Dont take out da mooosik i luv da moosik
  13. Hehe careful now, gonna start the ol' ATI vs Nvidia debate now, wouldn't want that lol. But truth be told, the Nvidia cards just seem to be a pain in the behind. Yes they need their own direct-power supply for optimum performance, they take up a PCI slot, and they're louder than a lawnmower, but consarnit i love 'em. As for the problem, i'd have to agree, lack of power could easily do it. As the 3dmarks are obviously graphic-intensive, straining the board without sufficient power would do it i think.
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