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  1. Hey guys I just need to know how to set up raid 0 with the infinity 975x/g board. I dont even know where to start.. Ill be refreshing this post every couple seconds! Fast help pls!
  2. i think i found the problem! when i did the boot i didnt have a fan on the cpu.. cause i thought i didnt need one set up right away cause i was just booting it up for a couple seconds to make sure it works. BUT i put a fan on it and now i can get in bios and stuff
  3. i tryed all ddr2 slots, i disconnected the hd, and no i dotn think i have a friend who has a psu that i can barrow...it runs for like 10-15 seconds and the leds on the psu and everything look like they work fine.. the fan.. everything.. and then everything just shuts off...
  4. ok right now i have 1 hd, 1 ddr2 stick, video card, cpu, and psu hooked up and it boots and i see on my screen DFI INFINITY press del or tab and then it just shuts off right away even if im pressing del or tab! help pls
  5. No i just tryed it with 1 stick and same thing....i have a question though.. when i press the power button should the power supply still stay running even though nothing else is working? I really dont know what it could be... i just spent almost 2 grand now im freaking out! Did i just waste my money.. omg..!
  6. Ok so i got all my computer parts today (see sig) and i build it alltogether (took a long butt time....) anywhom i get all excited and go to press the power button and i do so and i see the blue fan lights for like a SPLIT SECOND and then it turned right off.. it didnt even start up or noting it was a split second and nothing booted. PLEASE god dont tell me that i "broke'ed'ed it" I will die...anyway can anyone help me with this problem fast pls? much love from the E V I L RUIN! kplslongtimeluv!~!
  7. Where can i download a beta version of this?
  8. Evil Ruin

    WoW Question

    Ok Thanks for the help.
  9. Evil Ruin

    WoW Question

    so you can cancle the account before it charges the card right?
  10. Evil Ruin

    WoW Question

    Do they charge the card? Cause i just spent ALL my money on my comp...
  11. Evil Ruin

    WoW Question

    Hey guys I dont know how many of you play WoW(World of Warcraft) but i was wondering if when you buy it does it come with the first month free? Like a subscription card with it? This was the one i was looking to buy. Thanks for the help in advance. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16832127112
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