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  1. no go, these were just put up on the site [url="http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driver_download_us.jsp?PRODUCT_ID=3669&STATUS_FLAG=A&SITE=US"]http://us.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/driv..._FLAG=A&SITE=US[/url] But i CANT get them to work?!?! still vista sees no HDDS to install vista on to. am i doing soemthing wrong???
  2. Found out i need the Silicon 3114 RAID driver.... i tried a couple ones from the Silicon website with no avail.... Help!!
  3. Hey guys well i have a cf dr 200 express mobo, and im installing vista 64bit.. what drivers do i need to use? i heard someone mention something about it auto finding drivers or something, but its not doing that for me...how do i do that? or can someone direct me to what i need to do??? thanks!
  4. any issues getting raid or ethernet ports working? usb? im going to be running 64bit on this mobo soon and i know there hasnt been driver updates in ages.. will i have any problems?
  5. hey guys ever since iv had this computer its had many many many problems with standby... they seem to just come and go well anyway i cannot get this problem to go.. iv tried pretty much everything. i dont think it has anything to do with windows but i could be wrong. i tried booting with STR and that other one and both in the bios. iv tried booting my computer w/o services or startup at all just to see if something running in the background is causing it no luck still will not come out of standby. my computer acts like its going to come out of standby but doesnt i jsut hear one click and the computer acts like its on but theres nothing on the screen at all and my keyboard and mouse is getting no power at all. please please help lol if you have any suggestions they are all welcome this problem is driving me insane and besides i dont know how great it is for my computer to turn it on and off every day. anyways on another fourm someone mentioned turning off all virtual devices so ill be trying that next. thanks again guys Edit: disabling daemon tools did not help.
  6. okay well what happens is when i put my computer into standby... it goes into standby but when i try to take it out it acts like its going to work but the screen stays off and my mouse and keyboard arnt getting power and the power LED on my case goes solid as if its on....but...its not... and i hear a one click once i try to resume it... this happend when i first built my computer then it went away after like a month.. now its back and im not too happy lol any ideas on how to fix it and what causes this?!? thx guys
  7. ah ic good point... didnt think of that... so your saying at 2.9 or so wouldent require any voltage increase but a little more preformance?
  8. awesome thx, would it be bad for my cpu or shorten its life span to the point where it might die in the next like say 3 years if i kept it 24/7 at 3ghz? lol idk why i would want that just seems cooler to me i guess.. lol and to OC the ram you just raise the HTT speed? eh well dont bother with that question ill just read up on it lol thx
  9. hey guys well ill start off by saying im a hard core noob at overclocking. now with that said i own a FX-57 at 2.8 but i want to oc it to 3.0. anyways im concerned about the whole life span of the chip thing and i dont want anything to be perminately damaged because this is probably going to be my main pc for the next eh... 2-3 years.. lol should i just raise the multiplier when overclocking it because idk seems the simplest? lol idk and will it give me much preformance boost in games at all or should i just play it safe and keep it as is for now? alright well thanks guys!
  10. awesome thanks ill try that! sorry forgot to make sig just created acc. today thanks for the help!
  11. Hey guys iv been having a problem after i bought a USB keyboard and mouse and enabled the "USB Mouse Support" and "USB KBC Support" for the keyboard... with both of these set to disabled my computer boots up properly and i dont have any problems at all. with both set to enabled my computer will not boot up to the windows loading screen half of the time. honestly i dont even know what this feature does lol well thanks for the help guys! oh if it matters heres my specs fx-57 x1900 xtx crossfired dfi rdx 200 cf 2 gigs ocz ram 1tb hdd raid 0 annnnd idk but yeah... thanks again!
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