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  1. Two of the people who are behind this article are directly connected to ATI so the article is obviously biased. And those 8800 3dmark scores look a tad low don't they?
  2. Lots of talk about this article, but any one notice how low the 8800's score is? I say let's wait until we see some more articles on the card.
  3. First he was pissed off and gave you crap and now he comes whining back, I say screw him.
  4. Hmm, hate to break it to you, but English and Icelandic are both germanic languages. And both are european. I'm not trying put shame to the german language if you thought so, I just wanted that little tidbit of info out there. :cool:
  5. Pff, German has evolved, if you want a good OLD European language Icelandic is the way too go :cool: (We can read texts that are over 500 years old, and not to mention read some foreign texts with little difficulties). On topic, a 90% failure rate is a big no no unless you crap cash.
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    Yeah, just wanted that info out there in case you didn't know :angel:
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    Hmm, if you have 4 disks in raid 0 wouldn't that double the risk of losing your data over a 2 disk system in raid 0?
  8. How many times have you seen the first reply to a first post including the words "put your rig in your sig!"? TOO MANY TIMES. And how often does someone ask what the best BIOS is for their rig or the timings they should use? The fact is both the rules and stickies are read quite often but not by all. And I'm pretty sure that those who read the rules and stickies would be intelligent enough to read about winflash before diving in. And on the FDD thing, I personaly find it a waste of money to buy a FDD just to be able to flash my bios with less risk, not to mention the waste of space. Just because you think you're right doesn't mean you are It's an opinion, so to each his own.
  9. Try checking the overclocking guide. READ it, then read it some more. After you've read it and understood what it's trying to teach use that to at least try before you come asking for help.
  10. Not to mention the fact that not all 1080p TV's have connections that support 1080p (yeah, it's stupid) http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-11246_7-6388574-1.html?tag=txt
  11. The 165 and 170 have that advantage of having 2 cores.
  12. Don't own a car atm, but desperately need to buy (having a new born and needing to borrow cars is a classy lady). But my parents sometimes let me use their car, a Jaguar S-Type R 2005, :drool:
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