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  1. your cpu will run that game if you overclock it. you will need at least 2.4 gig v but that cpu should go to 2.6-2.8 no prob! after all....... the reason we get these bitchen overclockable boards is so we dont have to buy expensive cpus remeber?!!?!! and get some good 2x1gb ram and you will be fine, you have a kikass card for the game :eek: it should run it smooth as silk I run bf2 for hours on my system and i average over 70 fps in game everything in video on high- look at my signature plus the new 91.31 drivers seem to bring more colors ans shadows out of the game So first buy the ram......overclock your current cpu and then decicde on a new cpu- or not! then send me the money you saved on that cpu :cool: hehe
  2. opterons require registered ecc ram? :mad: tell me no!!!!:eek2:
  3. Seems so sad to sell such a beautifully built piece of computer technology :sad: I am looking for an Opty CPU. What is the stepping on yours?
  4. Looks like Opty is a winner!! I would seriously consider the used opty but new ones are only $150 now. And as far a the release date and stepping. I know how that works, I am an old AMD socket A mobile overclocker :cool: Unfortunately it is stuff to get online Vendors to guarantee a particular stepping. It is all wharehouse FOB these days! I think Mwave or Monarch will do stepping guarantee. But I am in love with NewEgg :angel: Since we are on the subject : What stepping would you guys recommend that has been releasesd in the last year, that MIGHT still be in stock at online stores? OH.....I don't want dual anything yet!! :eek2: That will be next year Thanks Again!
  5. Any ideas ? :dog: Which processor would be best overclocker for gaming system with a DFI landparty nf4 ultra d motherboard and 7900gt video card and OCz Platinum ram?:confused: amd 3800+ venice core or opteron 146 venus or amd 4000+ san diego :rolleyes: :rolleyes: thanks for any replies !!!!!!!!
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