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  1. Hi all, I have some pretty crappy no-name value RAM based on Nanya chips, and they refuse to boot at even 205MHz, so for me to overclock my 4400+, I need to run a divider. I'm at 2400MHz now, with a divider at 166 and 240x10. I would like to increase this to 260x10, so logically I'd have to use a lower divider. Problem with that is, the 166 and 150 divider gives me the same RAM speed when I increase the HTT to 260. I guess this means the 150 divider doesn't work. Will flashing to another BIOS fix this? I'm pretty apprehensive to flash the BIOS, since it's going to cause untold problems for me to fix it if I mess it up. But if it will make a difference, I'll try it. Thanks for any help!
  2. I'm not a noob at building PCs, just a noob with DFI mobos. I used the guides on this forum to build my PC, I use Everest Ultimate 2006 to monitor my temps and voltages, and I use Prime95 and SuperPi to stress the CPU. The CPU never overheated, it never went above 40C during the whole 14 hours of Prime95. And I have a fairly decent understanding of the dynamics involved when changing settings in the BIOS. And if I don't (since there are so many settings to change in the DFI BIOS), I'll ask. Me changing settings did not have anything to do with the problems I experienced. That's besides the point now anyway, since I've got it stable now. Ran it for 7 hours on Prime95 at 1.325V today without any errors, when I stopped the test. Tonight I'll be lowering it to 1.3V, to test overnight. To answer all the other seemingly un-answered questions, the PSU is brand-spanking new, yes, along with everything else except the DVD-RW, and the RAM, which I kept from my previous rig. And no, I have not enabled cool'n'quiet, since there was no need to do so. The CPU is not overheating. Thank you baaj for giving me a helpful answer instead of trying to be a smartass, and likewise for all the other helpful replies. So there is no confusion, I read a hell of a lot of threads, stickies and guides before I even touched the mobo, and did everything in accordance with what is recommended here on DFI-Street. Great support community!
  3. I honestly don't know what the problem was earlier, cause after I got it prime-stable for 14 hours, I lowered the voltage back to 1.35V from 1.4V, ran prime for 10 hours without any problems. I've just now started running it at 1.325V, and after an hour it's still going strong. I'll keep it running through the day to see what it does, and then I'll lower it again to see how low I can get it. Oh yeah, I ran memtest tests 5 and 8, for about 20 passes each, no errors. I would have run the OCCT test Lowboy was talking about, but I don't know what it is or where to find it in the BIOS! D'oh! Stupid me. Please point me in the correct direction if you don't mind! Thanks for all the help so far guys, much appreciated!
  4. I know and understand the rules about the sigs, and I agree with it completely. What I was trying to say, is that you get banned for a week if you don't have a sig, but nothing gets done to people who reply, but don't read the whole post. I mean, why is everybody telling me it might be the RAM, and I should run memtest, when I made a point of saying in my first post that I had the whole memtest running for 7 hours straight without a single error! Okay okay, my rant is finished. I don't mean to offend anyone here, as I will be back for a lot of advice yet. Lets just say, of all the mobos I've had to date, the DFI boards are the hardest to get working! But once they're up and running, nothing beats them! Great manufacturer, I say! Thanks Davidk21770, I'll keep that in mind next time I put the Big Typhoon on again. For now, I'll just stick with the stock cooler and give the CPU a good burn-in!
  5. Umm, I know I'm new here, but I find it odd that all these rules are placed on people with regards to their sigs and what not, but that people don't bother to read the first post (the one explaining the problem). I DID run memtest through the BIOS, for 7 hours without any problems. Not a single error. So I'm sure it's not RAM that's causing it. I think I've got it sussed out now, cause I put the stock heatsink back on, and upped the voltage to 1.4V instead of 1.35V, and ran Prime95 for 14 hours before I quit the test, so stability doesn't seem to be a prob anymore. One worrying thing is the fact that I tried 1.4V with the Big Typhoon on as well, and it just wouldn't stabilise at all, even at 1.45. I had the Big Typhoon on pretty tight, and was wondering whether it was possible that I put it on TOO tight, and that it was putting too much pressure or strain on the CPU/socket/motherboard? Does anyone here use the TT Big Typhoon? How tight should I fasten it? Not really in a hurry with than anyway, the stock HSF from AMD seems to be doing a pretty decent job of keeping the CPU cool anyway, but then again, I haven't started overclocking yet! Thanks for everyone's replies so far!
  6. Hi all, I'm a new DFI customer with a small problem. I just built my new rig, and everything went smoothly until I tried running Prime95. At stock voltages, the CPU will fail the test in less than 10 minutes. I've increased voltage from 1.35 to 1.4, and it still crashes. What could be wrong? Am I missing something. I know it's not the memory, cause I ran memtest through the night (7 hours) and not a single error was found. As long as I don't run any CPU intensive apps, everything else works fine. I even installed NFS Most Wanted, and it seems to have a slight stuttering that I wasn't expecting from the new build, especially since I'm running it at 1024x768. That would seem to me like a definite CPU problem, but I was wondering if there was a chance that I have to change anything in the BIOS that could change this? I just really don't want to have to RMA the CPU! lol Any thought on what the problem could be? Has this happened to anyone else here?
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